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Catalogue excerpts

QIAxcel® — Pure Excellence QIAxcel Advanced System Designed to speed up your gel electrophoresis Sample & Assay Technologies

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The QIAxcel Advanced System — for effortless DNA and RNA analysis Accelerate your research with the QIAxcel Advanced System and perform DNA fragment analysis of 12 samples in as little as 3 minutes — without the need for tedious agarose gel preparation. The revolutionary QIAxcel Advanced System replaces traditional, labor-intensive gel analysis of DNA and RNA — streamlining your workflow and reducing time to result (Figures 5). The QIAxcel Advanced System fully automates sensitive, high-resolution capillary electrophoresis of up to 96 samples per run. Ready-to-run gel cartridges allow 96 samples...

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Taking ease of use to a new level Just a few, simple steps are required to operate the QIAxcel Advanced System: load the gel cartridge of your choice, fill and load the buffer tray, load your samples in 96-well plates or in PCR tubes or strips, select the process profile to be used — and go! Tedious gel or chip preparation and extensive user training are eliminated, streamlining the workflow in your lab and facilitating integration of the system in your daily routine. Within minutes of starting a run, you can see the first results appearing in real time on the computer Positive charge Innovative...

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Unmatched speed of analysis In addition to superior resolution, the QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Kit ensures significant time savings compared to high-resolution agarose gels. The QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit is highly suitable for routine evaluation of fragments for qualitative single or multiplex PCR applications. The use of the gel cartridge for PCR screening streamlines the workflow by minimizing analysis time for fragments of 15 bp to 3 kb in size — 96 samples are processed in approximately 25 minutes. For routine evaluation of fragments for restriction endonuclease digestion, qualitative...

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Tissue disruption Manual and automated End-point QIAxcel Advanced products sample purification PCR and RT-PCR System and QIAxcel products products DNA Kits RNA post-purification quality control Tissue disruption Analyte quali sample purification QIAxcel Advanced System PCR and QIAxcel RNA Quality QuantiTect® Figure 5. Streamline your Multiple DNA applications on the QIAxcel Advanced System Accurate, sensitive bacterial genotyping The QIAxcel Advanced System can be successfully used together with the QIAxcel DNA Screening Kit for high-throughput genotyping of bacteria. The QIAxcel Advanced System...

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The QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit is highly suited for routine evaluation of DNA fragments in qualitative single or multiplex PCR applications (Figure 7). The use of the QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis cartridge for PCR time for fragments of 15 bp to 3 kb in size — 96 samples are processed Pre-sequencing testing: Deletion/insertion analysis QIAxcel Advanced is highly suitable for pre-screening of amplicons prior to Sanger sequencing or Pyrosequencing®. For example, in analysis of the EGFR gene (exon 19), QIAxcel Advanced showed high accuracy in identifying wild-type and mutated DNA fragments based on...

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Identification of allergenic nut species For the benefit of consumers who are allergic to certain food ingredients, current EU regulations require labeling disclosure of the presence of any of 14 major allergens if used as ingredients in prepacked foods. Singleplex and multiplex PCR assays have been developed to detect and identify DNA originating from allergenic nut materials in processed foods. The QIAxcel Advanced instrument can be easily integrated as part of an allergen-detection workflow that applies PCRbased technologies. The system provides rapid, reliable, and inexpensive identification...

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RNA quality control for reliable downstream analysis Quality control of total RNA and cRNA for microarray analysis During microarray analysis, monitoring the integrity of the initial total RNA sample as well as products generated throughout the entire procedure is crucial, since RNA degradation strongly influences the predictive power obtained from the microarray data. The QIAxcel Advanced System is highly suitable for analyzing the integrity of total RNA and size distribution of fragmented or intact cRNA. The data shown below illustrate the benefits of using the QIAxcel Advanced System and the...

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Relative migration time Figure 13. RIS indicates RNA integrity. Total RNA was extracted from rat liver samples using the RNeasy® Plus Mini Kit and subjected to decomposing conditions. Samples of increasing levels of degradation were analyzed on the QIAxcel Advanced and the Agilent® 2100 Bioanalyzer platform. The results are depicted in the gel view pictures for the QIAxcel Advanced A and the Agilent Bioanalyzer B . The electropherogram of selected samples analyzed on the QIAxcel Advanced is shown in C . The RIS (Qiaxcel Advanced) and RIN (Agilent Bioanalyzer) numbers are listed in the table. QIAxcel...

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Easy setup and start Starting your experiment is easy using the Process Wizard (Figure 14). This convenient feature enables guided setup and allows you to define run parameters and preselect DNA size markers. Reagent lot number information can be included and samples can be selected with a single click of the mouse. Run checks can also be easily performed. Your experiment at a glance Experiment Explorer allows users to display and analyze samples according to individual preferences. Samples can be easily selected with just a click of the mouse. Simple drag-and-drop features can be used to visualize...

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Ordering Information Product QIAxcel Advanced System Capillary electrophoresis device, including computer and QIAxcel ScreenGel Software, 1-year warranty on parts and labor Warranty PLUS 2 Basic, QIAxcel Advanced 3-year warranty, 5-working day response time, all labor, travel, and repair parts QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Kit (1200)* QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Gel Cartridge, Buffers, Mineral Oil, QX Intensity Calibration Marker, 12-Tube Strips QIAxcel DNA Screening Gel Cartridge, Buffers, Mineral Oil, QX Intensity Calibration Marker, 12-Tube Strips QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit (3000) QIAxcel...

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