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QIAxpert ®— Pure Revelation Sample QC made easy Gain true insight into your sample quality Sample & Assay Technologies

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One small instrument for your lab – one giant impact on your work QIAxpert is an innovative high-speed microfluidic UV/VIS spectrophotometer for accelerated DNA, RNA, and protein quantification and quality control. The benchtop system profiles sample content to differentiate DNA, RNA, protein, and sample impurities. QIAxpert is fast and easy to use, analyzing up to 16 samples within 2 minutes — just pipet your samples onto the QIAxpert Slide, place it into the reader, and select the pre-programmed method on the integrated touchscreen. QIAxpert is the right tool for any fast-paced lab performing...

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Reading your samples has never been easier In just a few simple steps, your samples are loaded into the QIAxpert and results are delivered on-screen and in exportable format (Figure 2). 1. oad up to 16 samples onto a QIAxpert Slide using a single or multiL channel pipet. Only 2 µl of each sample is required. 2. nce loaded, samples can be held in the microfluidic capillaries of O the QIAxpert Slide for up to 2 hours. This allows you to batch samples and minimize the time spent on the instrument. 3. Samples are measured immediately upon inserting the QIAxpert Slide into the instrument. Additional...

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Smart analysis protocols based on cutting-edge bioinformatics The QIAxpert performs classic nucleic acid and protein quantification based on absorbance measurements. However, smart analysis protocols come pre-installed to specifically quantify analytes of interest (Figure 3). Based on top bioinformatics expertise and extensive sample testing, the spectral profiling protocols isolate information on the molecule of interest, subtracting other absorbing impurities and background turbidity. Figure 3. Traditional and smart analysis options. The QIAxpert is flexible to meet your specific analysis needs....

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Comprehensive data reports Results are available as HTML reports that can be opened in any browser. Additionally, tabular data are available in CSV, .xml, and .txt formats (Figure 5). To facilitate data analysis and sharing, the data are exportable to a USB stick, a networked drive, or a smart device via a QR code. High system linearity for best results The QIAxpert exhibits excellent linearity so you are assured that quantifications are accurate and reliable. To assess the linearity of the system, pure gDNA was serially diluted to generate samples from 2000 to 2 ng. The resulting dilutions were...

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Instrument and slide specifications QIAxpert instrument specifications at a glance Specification UV/VIS polychromatic system + reference channel Optical principle Ultrasensitive photodiode array spectrometer for UV-VIS range Light source Xenon flash lamp Wavelength range Wavelength resolution Wavelength accuracy Wavelength reproducibility Photometric range Absorbance precision Data output Sample consumption Measurement range (10 mm equivalent) Power supply QIAxpert Slide 40 specifications Specification Number of measurement cuvettes Path length Recommended sample quantity Sample residence time QIAxpert...

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Bringing you peace of mind QIAGEN offers unrivaled instrument support and assures continued success with your QIAxpert system. You benefit from comprehensive instrument service that fully covers costs for labor, travel, and repair parts during the warranty period. We also offer Warranty PLUS extended warranties, giving you complete cost control and enhanced coverage through priority response time. Ordering Information Product QIAxpert Instrument QIAxpert instrument, including 1 year warranty on parts and labor 25 disposable microfluidic slides for analyzing up to 16 samples per run QIAxpert System QIAxpert...

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Australia ■ Orders 1-800-243-800 ■ Fax 03-9840-9888 ■ Technical 1-800-243-066 Belgium Orders 0800-7961 2 ■ Fax 0800-7961 1 ■ Technical 0800-79556 Brazil Orders 0800-557779 Fax 55-11-5079-4001 ■ Technical 0800-557779 Canada ■ Orders 800-572-961 3 ■ Fax 800-71 3-5951 ■ Technical 800-DNA-PREP (800-362-7737] China ■ Telephone 86-21-3865-3865 ■ Fax 86-21-3865-3965 ■ Technical 800-988-0325 or 400-880-0325 Denmark ■ Orders 80-885945 ■ Fax 80-885944 ■ Technical 80-885942 Finland ■ Orders 0800-91441 6 ■ Fax 0800-914415 ■ Technical 0800-91441 3 France Orders 01-60-920-920 or 0800-91 2965 ■ Fax 01-60-920-925...

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