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Catalogue excerpts

to feel better m qmd mi medical device qmd®- qualified medical device laser - cryo thermal - thermocamera

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qmd® - qualified medical device The qmd® brand is a line of medical equipment, which are characterized by their simplicity of use, but at the same time with a high technology content, constructed with high level materials, and well designed. Depth studies of scientific literature convinced us that the greatest potential for development can be reached in the therapeutic laser. We have seen further potential in the cryotherapy and thermotherapy, treatments among most common in central and northern Europe. Also, by studies, it is useful and efficient combined therapeutic subsidies with a thermal imager....

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characteristics of qmd® The electro medical devices qmd® are characterized by: • versatility, they allow to solve many different problems with a single device • specificity, each program is designed to specifically confront the patient's problem, as a drug • ease of use, the use of the software and the treatment delivery are intuitive • personalization, they allow the user an individual application, however, guided by the software. • rapid treatment, just a few minutes to achieve the desired therapeutic goal • integration, ability to integrate the different devices of the same qmd® line • originality,...

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qmd® laser laser therapy The laser is a source of electromagnetic bright radiation. The laser therapy is therefore based on the possibility of providing electromagnetic energy to tissues in the form of photons, with recognized therapeutic effects. Laser devices are finding increased use in medicine rehabilitation thanks to the solidity of the scientific demonstrations about the biological and therapeutic effects of this form of energy. This has recently given a great impulse to the research for further technical developments, which were referred to the realization of high-power devices, which allow...

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qmd® laser devices The qmd® laser device can provide light in all modes currently possible: • continuous wave • pulsed wave • superpulsed wave • and above a particular form, frequency scanning, called qmd® harmonic pulsation, an exclusivity of qmd®. So the qmd® devices don't produce only by a superpulsed mode, analgesic effects, but by being able to dispense in all modes, they produce the following effects: • anti-inflammatory on articulation and muscles; • analgesic on nerve fibers; • bio-stimulating and regenerating of soft and connective tissues; • vasodilator on the microcirculation (thus...

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All qmd® laser are equipped with the particular 1064nm wavelength, the most advanced models have additional wavelengths; also they differ between them for the transmitting power. All models have a large color touch screen of 10.4", an intuitive and easy to use software, they dispense in continuous mode, pulsed mode, super pulsed mode and in the frequency scanning called qmd® harmonic pulsation, an exclusivity of qmd®. 6 | qmd® laser - Produktbeschreib

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qmd® eos basic Therapeutic laser 1064nm, 8W, without trolley, easy portability, equipped with standard kit. qmd® eos Therapeutic laser 1064nm, 8W, complete with trolley for easy movement, equipped with standard kit. qmd® eos plus Therapeutic laser 1064nm 15W, with more power and faster and deeper treatments, equipped with trolley and standard kit. qmd® ares 2 wavelengths individually controllable allow more targeted treatments: lasertherapy 808+1064nm 18W, equipped with trolley and standard kit. qmd® helios The top of the qmd® range: therapeutic laser 808 + 1064 + 1120nm 24W, complete with trolley...

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qmd® cryo thermal With the qmd® cryo-thermal device is possible to generate the cryo effect (hypothermia from + 5° C to -15° C), the thermal effect (hyperthermia from + 25° C to + 45° C) and the thermal shock (the temperature drops in a short time of at least 30° C). Cryotherapy is a physical therapy performed by the cold and it is used in the treatment of: • recent trauma: the vasoconstriction induced by the cold prevents the edema expansion; • after-effects of trauma: the cold reduces the perception of pain, the muscle reflex contraction and the post-traumatic edema; • bursitis, arthrosynovitis,...

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Pathologies treatable with the thermal shock are: • rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory diseases in general; • back pain; • osteoarthritis; • muscle problems; • acute injuries; • post-operative convalescence. Modules The qmd® cryo-thermal device can be supplied as a module combined with a qmd® laser device, or provided as an independent therapeutic instrument, complete with trolley, PC units, touch screen color display of 10.4" and an intuitive and easy to use user software. The device is equipped with USB ports to allow remote maintenance and software updates without having to remove the device...

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qmd® thermocamera An instrument that should not ever miss in a physiotherapy and rehabilitation office. Infrared camera that allows easy location of the inflamed areas, in conjunction with the laser qmd® allows a fast and effective treatment. The instrument has a very good thermal sensitivity (NETD) of 0.08 K and an optical resolution of 160x120 pixels. The sampling rate of 120 images per second (120 Hz) allows real-time images. The instrument comes with its own protective carrying case, cable for connection to the USB port.

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qmd® - qualified medical device 1 clinical studies qmd® has a large scientific bibliography of reference, available on our website http://qmd-medicaldevice.com/studi/ 2 The qmd® products are manufactured and supplied in accordance with provisions of law currently in force. 3 qmd® respects the environment All qmd® products are built of recyclable materials and respecting the environment. Thanks to the introduction of the automatic standby in the qmd® devices we can give our small contribution to energy saving and to an aware use of the resources. qualified medical device |

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