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Neurology Brochure - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Blood will tell. The Simoa™ Platform-Detecting CNS biomarkers in serum and plasma with ultra-sensitivity. Quanterix The Science of Precision Health

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Quanterix The Science of Precision Health With a sensitivity more than 1,000 times greater than traditional ELISA methods, the Simoa Platform is so sensitive it can detect biomarkers in blood, offering you another dimension of data from a readily available, non-invasive source. Suddenly new areas of research become practical. Your productivity will increase. Most important, you’ll have access to CNS biomarker data at a level never before possible. Now you can: • Use serum or plasma to detect CNS biomarkers at both acute and normal levels • Understand a neurological disorder’s long-term effects...

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In the past, running immunoassays was a time consuming, largely manual technique. No more. • Throughput: 68 tests/hour, >500 data points per day The HD-1 Analyzer simplifies the process by performing every step of the assay, improving efficiencies while providing consistent, reliable results. It is a fully automated solution that traps single molecules in femtoliter-sized wells, giving you a digital readout of every bead that is bound • Sample Input: 96-well plate or tubes • Total Assay Time: <2.5 hours per 96-well plate • Hands on Time: Startup time <20 minutes • Multiplex Capability: Up to 4-plex Sample...

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Ultra-sensitive Simoa assays for neurology. Alzheimer’s Disease Inflammatory Cytokines Epilepsy Frontotemporal Dementia Major Depressive Disorder Motor Neuron Disease (ALS) Stroke Traumatic Brain Injury The Simoa Accelerator— your easy-to-access link to the Simoa Platform All of the benefits of The Simoa Platform are available to you through the Simoa Accelerator. By using this service, you gain access to a dedicated laboratory and trained professionals ready to help you with custom assay development, reagent development, formulation and sample testing. There is simply no easier, faster way of...

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Quanterix The Science of Precision Health Serum Tau levels predict neurological outcome after hypoxic brain injury from cardiac arrest.* The Simoa Platform is fulfilling an unmet clinical need by objectively measuring the severity of brain injuries and predicting clinical outcomes. In a study, blood samples were collected from 25 cardiac arrest patients that had been resuscitated. Time-dependent elevations of serum Tau were observed in all patients. These measurements were highly predictive of neurological outcome after 6 months, predicting poor and good outcomes with 91% sensitivity and 100%...

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Quanterix' The Science of Precision Health Learn more about how the Simoa Platform can advance your CNS biomarker detection. Visit www.quanterix.com or email info@quanterix.com About Quanterix Quanterix is on a mission to change the way healthcare is provided by giving researchers the ability to closely examine the continuum from health to disease. In order to make this vision a reality, we brought together the most experienced management team, renowned scientists, leading investors and expert advisors to form a collaborative ecosystem, united through the common goal of advancing the science of...

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