Infectious Diseases – Serology - 12 Pages

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Infectious Diseases – Serology
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Catalogue excerpts

Infectious Diseases – Serology RIDASCREEN® Sero ELISA – Infection diagnostics from one source • Single-point evaluation saves time and money • Use of available WHO standards • Parallel testing of different parameters and short incubation times • Ready-to-use reagents suitable for use in multiple tests • Easy evaluation by user-friendly software • Validated for automated systems • CE-approved

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Demands on modern serologic diagnostics R-Biopharm test systems for infectious diseases cover all important All RIDASCREEN® Sero Elisa test kits contain 2 additional controls for broader quality assurance purposes areas of modern serological diagnostics. All test kits are highly specific and sensitive for the respective pathogens. Individual patient analysis leads to multiple determinations which must be tested in parallel. Test specific reagents and different incubation times require an amount of time and work that can hardly be handled. In our RIDASCREEN® Sero ELISA product group the number...

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The significance of quantitative analysis in serology In case of serological ELISA tests a simple positive or negative evaluation is often not sufficient. In many human sera IgG antibodies against various types of pathogens are detectable without any evidence of acute infection. Similarly IgM and IgA antibodies can persist for any length of time after infection or decline slowly. Changes in the antibody titer (increase or decrease) detected while successive testing of serum samples finally give information about the situation of the patient. For state-of-the-art ELISA tests, quantitative analysis...

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Economical single-point quantification Due to the fluctuations in activity during a Day-to-day variation of the standard curve series of test runs (interOD 450/620 assay variance) the standard curve normally has to be recalculated for each new test run. However, if an ELISA 2,0 meets certain quality requirements, it is not necessary to create a totally new standard curve by testing five or six standard concentrations. 1,5 measured valueSC Variations in the standard curve from test run to test run are usually very target valueSC slight. The relationship of the individual 1,0 measured valueSC standard...

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RIDASCREEN® Sero conjugates Different infectious agents induce immune responses of varying strengths. Therefore, in modern ELISA antibody detection assays, the different components for each parameter must be perfectly matched. By using the same reagents there is a risk to loose this fine-tuning. By providing two different conjugate concentrations within each immunoglobulin class, we succeeded in adjustment of each parameter individually. Thus, you find an HD or LD conjugate (high and low dilution, respectively) in our RIDASCREEN® Sero ELISAs. Despite the use of uniform reagents, optimal adjustment...

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Test procedure for the RIDASCREEN® Sero ELISAs Dilute the serum with the sample buffer according to the test instructions Insert the required microtiter strips into the holder Add 100 µl each of negative control, standard control (double determination) and diluted serum sample (Position A1: Blank) If using the additional control samples A and B add also 100 µl of each of them 30 min Incubate at 37 °C Wash 4 times with 300 µl wash buffer Add 100 µl of the conjugate (SeroA, SeroG or SeroM) Incubate at 37 °C Wash 4 times with 300 µl wash buffer Add 100 µl of the substrate Incubate at 37 °C Add 100...

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Product overview Infectious Diseases / Antibody Detection Sero ELISA Product    | Virus    Enzyme immunoassays RIDASCREEN® Adenovirus lgA Adenovirus lgG RIDASCREEN® EBV VCA lgG EBV VCA lgM RIDASCREEN® HSV 1 lgG (glycoprotein G1) HSV 1 lgM (total antigen) HSV 2 lgG (glycoprotein G2) HSV 2 lgM (total antigen) RIDASCREEN® HSV 1+2 lgG (total antigen) HSV 1+2 lgM (total antigen) RIDASCREEN® Influenza A lgA Influenza A lgG Influenza B lgA Influenza B lgG RIDASCREEN® Masern/Measles Virus lgG Masern/Measles Virus lgM RIDASCREEN® Mumps Virus lgG Mumps Virus lgM RIDASCREEN® Parvovirus B19 lgG Parvovirus...

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Product overview Infectious Diseases / Antibody Detection Sero ELISA Product RIDASCREEN® Bordetella lgA Bordetella lgG Bordetella lgM RIDASCREEN® Borrelia lgG Borrelia lgM RIDASCREEN® Helicobacter lgA Helicobacter lgG Specific detection of IgA, IgG or IgM antibodies against Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis. Differentiation between infections and immune status after vaccination Specific detection of IgG or IgM antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato Specific detection of IgA or IgG antibodies against Helicobacter pylori RIDASCREEN®    Specific detection of IgA, IgG or...

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Product overview Infectious Diseases / Antibody Detection Parasite Diagnostics Product RIDASCREEN® Echinococcus IgG Entamoeba histolytica IgG Leishmania Ab Taenia solium lgG Toxocara lgG NovaLisa® Trichinella lgG [Description    Tests Enzyme immunoassays for antibody detection [Matrix [Art. No. Enzyme immunoassay for specific detection of 96 IgG antibodies against Echinococcus granulosus and Echinococcus multilocularis Enzyme immunoassay for specific detection of 96 IgG antibodies against Entamoeba histolytica Enzyme immunoassay for specific detection of 96 IgG antibodies against Leishmania infantum Enzyme...

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Infectious Diseases / Antibody Detection Enzyme immunoassays for antibody detection

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Product overview Infectious Diseases / Antibody Detection Line blots for specific antibody detection Product    [Description RIDA®LINE - Line blots [Tests    [Matrix [Art. No Helicobacter IgA Helicobacter lgG Avidity reagent Line blots for specific detection of IgA or IgG antibodies against Helicobacter pylori Differentiation between Helicobacter pylori type I and II Line blots for specific detection of IgG or IgM antibodies against Parvovirus B19 with recombinant antigens Line blots allow differentiation between acute and past infection with Parvovirus B19 Indicative for a probably persistent...

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