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Catalogue excerpts

Welcome to the future of 3D dental manufacturing

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For more smiles per hour with perfect precision Welcome to the future of dental manufacturing Research and development of the new system and corresponding resins already began several years ago. A well-founded innovation network including TNO, one of the world‘s most important research institutes in generative production, and multiple leading dental material and high-tech companies led to this result: Rapid Shape® brings a new and patented generative technology to the market and is thereby setting a new benchmark in speed and accuracy in the field of dental fabrication. Rapid Shape®, based in...

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Additive manufacturing for your daily dental challenges Your challenges Your solution with Rapid Shape® • Cost pressure requires high efficiency in fabrication. • Customers expect fast in-house reaction within hours. • Digital data from clinics and dentists have to be integrated into the manufacturing process. Our specialized dental printers manufacture final applications layer by layer. Using DLP projection technology liquid resin is cured by exposure to light. The patented force feedback technology ensures printing that is multiple times faster than with other printers. Therefore Rapid Shape®...

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Complete your digital work flow for your 3D in-house fabrication 1 3D digital scanning has become standard for the dental manufacturing process – whether you use it for impression or intraoral scanning. This is the start of digital dentistry. After the virtual design, data is transferred to the printer. We have created validated interfaces to the top three CAD modeling software as well as an open STL interface. This is the platform for an efficient digital work flow. With the new Rapid Shape® 3D dental fabrication units D30 and D40 high speed, accuracy, and reliability are combined with multiple...

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The all new rapidshape D-Series OPEN SYSTEM FAST SYSTEM PRECISE SYSTEM Open system allows open data exchange and ensures innovation. Fastest system with typical job time of approx. 2 hours, due to patented force feedback system. Dental validated precision with dental fit due to multiple patented accuracy systems. Validated accuracy Performance parameters Performance parameters Rapid Shape® is able to validate the high precision by remeasuring manufactured applications against the original 3D Data. The data image shows the divergences of an average application in a color model. The green colored...

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We embrace digital dentistry by 360° Impression trays Rapid Shape® offers certified material-machine systems in collaboration with the world‘s best and most-innovative photopolymer manufacturers. Thereby Rapid Shape® 3D dental fabrication units have the highest versatility in a variety of dental and orthodontic applications. Short setup time of less than 30 seconds between most different applications is another benefit you will gain by using our patented technology. Gingiva mask Denture base Cast Drill guides Temporaries, crowns and bridges

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Start here Start now Master your challenges with rapidshape Get in contact with your local distributer and get more information about the fastest, most flexible, and most reliable 3D dental manufacturing appliance on the market. You will find more information on your closest distributor and service provider via:

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Customer references We were surprised how fast we were able to operate the printer. Rapid Shape is so easy to handle, robust, and runs reliably from the very first day. Georg Haugwitz, Managing Director Flemming Dental, Unna, Germany This technology will modify the process of the dentist in future. The Rapid Shape system has the potential to fully change the traditional dental work flow. Dr. Joerd van der Meer University Medical Centre Groningen, Netherlands Ever since we have been working with Rapid Shape we have been able to realize our complete digital work flow for the production of impression...

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Rapid Shape GmbH Generative Production Systems E-mail: info@rapidshape.de Certified Software Partn ' dental wings Certified Material Partn

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