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Breathe Easil 日 Sleep Well Specifications Products RVC820 APAP& CPAP IP code Sound Pressure Level Pressure range Pressure tolerance Auto pressure adjustment Service reminding EPS (OFF-3cm) Mask fit International AC input (11 0-240V) Auto start Auto stop Clock and Alarm Ramp (0-60min) Auto leaking compensation Power failure /Leaking alert Auto altitude pressure compensation Remote upgrading ITS / ETS ( Inspiratory/Expiratory trigger sensitivity ) HUMIDIFICATION Tube drying Integrated Humidifier Dual back flow prevention Water Capacity Standard Compliance Micro SD card SOFTWARE ResView management software DATA Compliance data Record Operation Environment Range Advanced event detection Product Specification changes without any prior notification Distributor BeijingRongrui-Century Scie.& Tech.Co. , Ltd. ADD : 3rd Floor. NO.1 Building .NO.7 Yard , Fengxian Email : info@reswel l. com.cn IP22 water/dust protection grade Mini SD Card Dual back flow prevention technologγ Compact design and light weight Web : www.reswel l. com.cn /www.r-rui.com Advanced pressure adjustment algorithm Middle Road , Haidian District , l 00094 Beijing , China ResView management software Integrated heated humidifier Remote upgrading function Service reminding function Power failure/ leaking alert

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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and hypoxemic syndrome triggered by OSA in patient. Main features: Enhanced dynamic pressure stability Dynamic pressure in the clinical stability is better than static pressure, The dynamic pressure stability enhancement algorithm can effectively reduce the patient's work of breathing and maintain effectively breathing synchronization. Common Features: Automatic leakage & altitude pressure compensation ensures therapy pressure. Quiet delivery of the required pressure guarantees sleep continuity Micro SD (TF)...

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