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Dry Central Vacuum Systems

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TM DEN TAL SYSTEMS Dry Centr al Vac u u m S y s t e m s Base Vac Modular Dry Systems Base Vac Vertical Tank Mounted Dry Systems

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“ The creation of vacuum is a predictable science. Understanding how it works in an application, is our business and our strength. At BaseVac we know that making vacuum work in dentistry means following the path of predictable science. That’s why it works and works very well. ” Ray Ralph President R.E Morrison Equipment Manufacturer of BaseVac Dental Suction Systems © R.E.Morrison Equipment Inc. 2011

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Many dental facilities are being serviced by vacuum pumps that may not be the most ideal, simply because of the fact that there was no "ideal" solution. The majority of pumps used in the past required either oil or water for operation. Oil provides lubrication and cooling, operation is continuously below be emitted, causing "smoking". This fouls equipment or discharge piping. Water, on the other hand, requires dependence upon other utility, adding cost, and may cause contamination of the water supply. We often make compromises because there is no alternative. dry central vacuum systems...

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MODULAR/EXPANDABLE MODELS DUPLEX & TRIPLEX These are the premier BaseVac™ central vacuum systems. They are available as duplex and triplex systems, with additional capacity upon request. Except for the latter, all are expandable, using standard factory modules, up to a triplex. As with the tank mounted units, all come with the basic accessories; mounting, however, is vertical. Each pump is mounted on its own stand, which stacks, one above the other. Each pump is connected to a central manifold, which is plumbed to a vertical air water separator. The control panel employs a programmable...

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TANK MOUNTED MODELS SIMPLEX & DUPLEX Systems are available in both simplex and duplex Lank mounLed versions. These are Lhe mosL cosL effective units, offering capaciLies adequale for many faci liti es, while providing the basic funcLions of auLomaLic operaLion, conLrolled by a programmable conLroller. They are compacL in design due Lo Lhe pumps being mounLed on Lop of Lhe receiver. Included are all of Lhe necessary accessories such as inlet check valves, isolation valves, inlet filters, flexible connectors and vibration isolators. Controls permit automatic first-on/first-off, lead/lag...

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MODULAR / EXPANDABLE DUPLEX SYSTEMS rfflll MODULAR / EXPANDABLE TRIPLEX SYSTEMS ^Dimensions are for two skids. Divide by 2 for unit width. ** These dimensions are for estimates of the overall system envelope, and should not be depended on for installation details. The dimensions are subject to change without notice. Contact the factory for certified dimensional drawings.

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DENTISTRY ASSOCIATION' Health Canada Registeres

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