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NEW The best lubrication adapter. Ever. The universal solution for a trouble-free handpiece care. EasyOil is the universal support that can conveniently gather up to five different ad apters to meet all your dental handpiece maintenance needs. An effective handpiece care results in fewer failures and great savings on repair costs. EasyOil allows you to take care of your handpieces in an easy, fast and comfortable way because all you need is already there, readily at hand. With just a few, simple gestures EasyOil will help you make the life of your handpieces longer. Patented – 100% made in Italy Example conguration EasyOil Handpiece Care System EasyOil MultiAdapter (supports up to 5 EasyAdapters) Includes: 1 x ISO/E-Type (INTRAmatic) slow speed EasyAdapter 1 x Chuck Maintenance EasyAdapter 1 x Additional High Speed EasyAdapter (see below) 2201300 EasyOil MultiAdapter $225.00 ea. EasyOil Maintenance Parts 2201400 Absorption Pads (Pkg 5) 2201407 ISO/E-Type EasyAdapter 2201408 Chuck EasyAdapter Perfect handpiece care has never been easier. EasyOil can be installed on all the sprays for dental handpieces available on the market. No special spray can is required. Lower the adapter for the handpiece you want to lubricate. Insert the handpiece onto the adapter. Wrap the handpiece in a paper towel and press the button for a couple of second to spray the oil. Spray the oil in the chuck system for 1 second. Stunningly flexible. No matter what coupling your turbine is for, EasyAdapters are available in a wide range of models. EasyAdapters are built in solid aluminium for durability, color coded and laser engraved for easy recognition: you will always be sure about which one to use. KaVo, INTRAmatic and KaVo Spray are registered trademarks of Kaltenbach & Voight GmbH & Co. Bien Air and Lubriuid are registered trademarks of Bien Air Dental SA Sirona and T1 Spray are registered trademarks of Sirona Dental Systems GmbH W&H and F1 Service Oil are registered trademarks of W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH NSK and PANA SPRAY are registered trademarks of NSK Nakanishi Inc. Available through Sable Industries Inc. authorized dealers. SABLE INDUSTRIES INC. 1-800-368-8106 info@sableindustriesinc.com www.sableindustriesinc.com

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