M-Vac Series Installation Guide - 8 Pages

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M-Vac Series Installation Guide

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M-VAC SERIES INSTALLATION GUIDE Collection Tank Setup 2 Exhaust Connections (Optional) 4 Trouble Shooting Guide

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION To provide vacuum suction during general examinations and procedures conducted by qualified dental professionals. At the end of product life, the unit(s), accessories, and other consumable goods may become contaminated from normal use. Consult local codes and ordinances for proper disposal of equipment, accessories and other consumable goods. TRANSPORTATION / STORAGE CONDITIONS SAFETY SYMBOLS Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which will result in serious or fatal injury if not avoided. This symbol is used only in the most extreme conditions. Indicates a...

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COLLECTION TANK SETUP All connection hardware except for drain piping is included. Assemble inlet kit and fasten onto tank inlet. Connect the tank drain outlet hardware to the drain connection located at the bottom of the tank. Make sure that the gravity check valve flap is hanging down. The check valve has a 1.5" PVC compression fitting for connection to a drain (drain piping is not supplied). These fittings should be fastened with PVC glue.

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BASEVAC™ M-VAC SERIES INSTALLATION GUIDE ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Power cable 3 wires, black white & ground Connect black wire from power cable Overload coil Connect black wire from cable to pump and other wire from lamp Connect white wire from power cable. Connect white wire from power cableand 1 wire from lamp. Power on Lamp 2 wires. Cable to pump 3 wires, black white & ground Dower cable 3 wires, olack white &grounc Connect white wire from power cable and 1 wire from lamp. Connect black wire from cable to wire from lamp Dower on Lamp 2 wires. completed by qualified personnel only. The...

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EXHAUST CONNECTIONS (OPTIONAL) Pump exhaust piping should run to an outdoor source. Assemble piping as shown foryour series of pump. Use PVC glue to fasten piping. Extension to outside is to be supplied by others. Connect hose barb located on bottom of p-trap and elbow to drain. (Hose is not

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BASEVAC™ M-VAC SERIES INSTALL ATION GUIDE  | SUCTION POWER (“HG) POWER (HP) POWER (AMP) NOISE LEVEL (DBA) DIMENSIONS (INCHES) WEIGHT (LBS) 1HD 4.10M 1 25 0.60 7.6 110V, 1 Phase 64 17 x 30 72 1HD 4.16M 2 25 0.94 5.2 220V, 1 Phase 67 17 x 30 86 www.basevacdental.com VOLTAGE MAX # OF (HVE) USERS PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 1HD SERIES 5

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