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Sable High Speed Handpieces

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Discover T rue Quality and Value Sable High Speed Handpieces HANDPIECE S4500KL attaches to KAVO coupler S6500KL attaches to KAVO coupler ACCESS™ II with Coupler ROTAMAX™ II with Coupler FEATURES Fiber Optic or LED Mini Head Fiber Optic or LED Torque Head Non-Fiber Optic Mini Head Non-Fiber Optic Torque Head S4500KL & S6500KL Couplers 2000104 4 Hole KAVO MULTIflex Type 2000105 5 Hole KAVO MULTIflex Type 2000106 6 Hole KAVO MULTIflex LUX Type 2000109 6 Hole LED KAVO MULTIflex LUX Type P/N INTERCHANGEABLE 2000015 KAVO 2000016 KAVO 2000005 SABLE 2000006 SABLE Access II & Rotamax II Couplers 2000101 4 Hole 360° Quick Connect 2000102 2 Hole 360° Quick Connect WARRANTY: All Sable high speed handpieces carry a 1 year warranty from date of installation Sable NSK™ Style Slow Speed Components NSK is a registered trademark of Nakanishi Inc. TM AR-YK Type Snap-on Prophy 1600401 AR-YS Type Screw-in Prophy 1600402 NAC-Y Type Standard Latch 1600420 BB-YL Type B.B. Swing Latch 1600407 EC Type 1:1 Contra Angle 1600210 E-4R Type 4:1 Contra Angle 1600202 EX-6 Type 1:1 Straight Nose Cone 1600310 FPB-Y & NPB-Y Type B.B. Push Button Latch 1600421 Sable MIDWEST ™ Style Slow Speed Components Snap-On Prophy Head 1600501 Screw-In Prophy Head 1600502 Standard Latch Head 1600503 Ball Bearing Swing Latch Head 1600507 Sable KAVO ™ Style Premium Slow Speed Components With Internal Air and Water 20C Type 1:1 Contra Angle with Internal Air & Water 1610210 68G Type 1:1 Ball Bearing Swing Latch Head 1610801 68LH Type 1:1 Ball Bearing Push Button Latch Head 1610810 20L Type 1:1 Fiber Optic Ball Bearing Contra Angle with Internal Air/Water 1610299 10C Type 1:1 Straight Nose Cone with Internal Air/ Water 1610310 181H Type 20K 4-Hole Motor with Internal Air & Water 1610110 SABLE IND U S T R I E S I N C . 1-800-368-8106

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