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Catalog excerpts

BF- series Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler • Pocket BF-500+:LCD can display FHR accurately; • Pocket BF-500++:Blue backlight LCD displays FHR accurately, convenient to use at night; • BF-500+/500++; Alarm function for abnormal FHR; • High quality loudspeaker with clear sound and the audio output interface; • Volume digital control; • With headphone jack, Ni-MH rechargeable battery; • With a gallus, easy to carry; • Normative collocation: 2.5 MHz probe, easy to replace. • Pocket BF-500A:LCD can display FHR, synchronous FHR signal, battery capacity indicator, volume and abnormal alarm signal etc; • Built-in rechargeable battery. Modem inside can dial up and transmit the fetal heart beat signal to the tele-monitor center through a telephone line; • Pocket BF-500B: the same with BF-500Aexcluding • Automatic power off (one minute) and alarm function forabnormal heart rate; • Collocated with gallus and portable bag, easy to carry; • Normative collocation: 2.0 MHz probe, 5.0 MHZ probe to detect umbilical blood flow (for option). BF-series Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler Pocket BF-500D+: LCD can display FHR, synchronous FHR signal, battery capacity indicator, volume and abnormal audible and visual alarm . Blue backlight LCD is convenient to use at night; Automatic power off (one minute), alarm function for abnormal FHR and low battery capacity; Battery:8.4V rechargeable battery/9V dry battery, various frequency probes for different use(for option); Normative collocation: 2.0 MHzprobe. waterproof graphic interface of fetal heart rate • 1.77" TFT color LCD displays FHR Number and curve (dual interfaces),monitoring time, probe frequency, counting mode,volume and battery capacity; • Abnormal sound alarm with FHR data turning from • Function setting: switch interface, count mode, alarm switch, FHR upper & lower limit alarm setting and • Four count modes: auto, instant, average and manual, • Automatic power off (one minute); • Various frequency probes for different use; • Normative collocation: 2.0 MHz probe.

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BF- series Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler BF- series Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler • Pocket BF-510/510S (pink,blue,purple) is the FHR detectorfor home use. LCD displays the fetal heart rate accurately (BF-510 has no display); • Built-in dry battery can work intermittently for more than 8 hours; • Only 90g, design feature complies with ergonomics and integrate main unit with the probe. BF-51 OS can freeze the data; • Alarm function for abnormal FHR and lower battery capacity; • 9V dry battery, special rechargeable battery and charger are optional. Underwater schematic diagram Probe jacket Charging seal is...

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BF- series Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler BF- series Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler • Pocket BF-530TFT:2.4" ultra big LCD displays the FHR data, graphic (dual interfaces), real-time, date and • Abnormal audible and visual alarm, with FHR data turning from green to red; • Automatic power off when there is no signal (one minute) to save the battery power; • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery; • USB interface for normative collocation, analysis • Various frequency probes for different use; • Pulse Doppler, normative collocation: 2.0MHz probe. graphic interface of fetal heart rate data, battery capacity, doppler signal...

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BF- series Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler • 3.2" TFT LCD can display FHR and Curve, Fetal Movement, UC, PR, Sp02 (dual interfaces), battery indicator, volume indicator and synchronous FHR signal; • It can switch interface and set function, alarm range and language easily. Acousto-optic alarm function for • Built-in thermal printer can print the heart rate curve • Replay function for the fetal heart rate and heart curve within 12 hours(for option). Automatic power off • RS-232 port can transmit the data to computer; • Normative collocation: 2.0 MHz probe, UC probe, remote event marker and SpO? probe. Optional...

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BFM- series Fetal/Maternal Monitor BFM-700A/700M Software to connect to computer • 5.7" TFT LCD can display main parameters such as FHR, curve of US and UC, mother's NIBP, TEMP, RR, Sp02 and ECG etc; • FHR signal indicator, alarm indicator for abnormal FHR, fetal movement indicator .It can freeze the current monitoring data; • It can store monitoring data for 24 hours with replay function; • All parameters can be adjusted conveniently through coding keyboard; • Adopt thermal linear array printer to monitor and store the printing; • Adopt RS-232 or USB port to transmit data.Wifi Wireless function; BFM-750...

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BV- series Vascular Doppler • BV-520 bar LED detect the blood stream strength; • BV-520T undirectional/bidirectional vascular Doppler with large color LCD screen(320x240 dots); • BV-620V/620VP blue LCD displays the blood stream peak velocity and strength; • BV-620VP(TFT) bidirectional vascular doppler with large color LCD screen; blood flow curve simultaneously; • Detect peak blood speed; • Detect blood flow of peripheral vessel; • Detect subsection systolic pressure; • Detect phlebostenosis, vein occlusions; • Detect Systolic pressure of toes and fingers; • Detect blood speed during recovery; •...

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BD-series Syringe Destroyer To prevent reuse of syringe, destroy disposable syringes to prevent cross-infection. • Safe: Low voltage can melt the needle transiently, high strength and quality alloy electrode not being oxidized, It has double overheat protection function; • Clean: The residual liquid in the needle will be vaporized instantly during melting; there is a rubbish drawer to collect waste residue; • Simple: Insert the needle to the hole and melt after injection, and press down the infusion tube gently to damage it; • Fast: Melt the needle and destroy the syringe within 10 seconds; •...

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BFW-Series Blood and Infusion Warmer BFW series is a kind of device to warm the liquid whichwill be infusioned into human body by warming the infusion pipe, with high efficiency and easy use; dry groove warmer structure, adopt conventional infusion pipe, no need special consumables. • Temperature controlling technology: adopts intellectual microcomputer controlling technology, with triple protection; • Infrared detection function can work continuously for 3 to 6 hours; • Prompt function: the audible and visual alarm to remind doctor; • Water-proof design: avoid the fluid splash, very safe; • BFW-1000+...

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