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Catalogue excerpts

There is something extraordinary in S h in h 10-3, Jungnim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea http: //www.shinhung.co.kr E-mail: jhahn@shinhung.co.kr We reserve the rights to modify the design or specifications without prior notice to allow for the improvemen

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Jumping over "Reputable Company", heading to "Master Company Shinhung Company, reputable Company in dental equipment industry has made a creation of new dental unit & chair 'Taurus Z'. Top features like More-See-More-Attractive design, second-to-none convenience and unlimited extensibility is basically embraced as all unit & chair from Shinhung have used to have so far. Now is a time thinking of something different beyond technology and design is needed Taurus Z is the unit & chair meeting the preference of real users maximally through^ * the combination of very-necessary functions as well as...

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There is something extraordinary in Shinhung

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Adoption of natural movement enabling angle adjustment freely by the movement of patients' head. Possible to adjust to suitable position for small children. Instrument table and instrument holder Fan-shaped tray table providing the maximum working space and joint-simulated instrument holder realizing the best free movement. Also centralized swi panel mounted on instrument holder is design use essential functions conveniently. Operator-orientated unit & chair In the development of unit & chair, the first thing to consider is Operator. Unit & chair furnishing slim / simple design and convenient...

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Product of Reputable Corrp For years the brand name 'Taurus' has been synonymous with reliability, satisfactory quality / performance at reasonable price range. Taurus Z is also in the series of this. Shinhung, honest reputable company in dental industry has brought a unit & chair suitable for all users with compact and simple European style design into market. 'Taurus Z', product of reputable company, will come to as many dentists as possible with honest performance.

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Assistant instrument holder is slide in-out type and angle adjustable. As switch panel for controlling chair position and holder for instruments is in one-body, assistants' work becomes much easier. Also multi-purpose support table is pre-installed.

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O Air turbine - Titanium body, cellular optic © Distilled water tank Customized unit & chair A core of modern technology lies in a synergy effect by organic and mutual compensating connection. Modularization, unit concept and various upholstery colors of Taurus Z extends the range of choice, satisfy customers' Needs maximally and brings a shared happiness to all.

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© Intraoral X-ray film viewer Technical specification Input voltage: AC 220V 50/60Hz (adjustable to local voltage) ■ Seat elevation range: Max. 800±20mm / Min. 500±20mm ■ Chair drive method: hydraulic motor Backrest inclination range: Max. 75° ±2° / Min. 0° ±2° (FLOOR MOUNTED TYPE) @ CART UNIT

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