Medical Catalogue 2012/13 Brochure - 52 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

redefining clarity Sony Medical is focused on enabling clinicians achieve a clearer view of the human body. We are redefining clarity – with innovations including the first OLED medical monitor and 3D line-up. We continue to support the advancement of diagnosis and patient care. Our dedicated marketing, product planning and engineering teams meet regularly with medical doctors and other healthcare professionals. This regular dialogue feeds crucial customer insights into all stages of our product development, enabling us to continually refine our expertise and deliver innovative solutions. 2 From...

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contents Cameras – capturing clarity 4-6 Application-specific SD & HD medical cameras • CCD Sensor Video Cameras • CMOS Sensor Video Camera Recorders – lasting clarity 7-9 Versatile and efficient recording and storage solutions • Medical SD & HD Recorders Monitors – clarity that displays precise detail 10 -16 Medical monitors that ensure outstanding image quality • Surgical Monitors • Radiology Diagnostic Displays • Public Displays Printers – printing clarity 17 -23 Dedicated medical printers for every application • Colour Medical Printers • Black & white Medical Printers • Radiology Diagnostic...

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Cameras – capturing clarity Application-specific SD & HD medical cameras Continuing to challenge the boundaries of medical imaging technology, we enable clinicians to capture precise digital images with our range of medical cameras. 4 Ensuring details are captured with clear precision, our range extends from SD to HD video cameras. We provide applicationspecific solutions that capture clarity across fields as diverse and demanding as ophthalmology, neurosurgery, pathology, biomedical research and veterinary science.

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Cameras MCC-3000MT ½ inch 3CMOS 3D Full HD Colour Video Camera Suitable for: Surgical Microscopy Separate 3D video camera with twin camera heads and single CCU for operating microscopes, delivering high-precision 3D images of operating field. > Superb quality of stereoscopic 3D HD and 2D HD images > C-mount compatible compact and lightweight camera head > Easy parameter adjustment (including colour matching and white balance) with single CCU Features > Simultaneous control of left and right camera heads > Incorporates 3-chip 1/2-inch type Exmor Full HD CMOS sensor > HD-SDI interfaces Product compliance...

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Cameras DXC-990P 1/2 inch 3CCD Colour Video Camera Suitable for: Microscopy, Observation With so many functions, the DXC-990P is the perfect choice for a variety of applications. It incorporates ExwaveHAD™ technology which greatly improves camera sensitivity and reduces smear. > Superior picture quality > Advanced digital signal processing Features > ExwaveHAD™ technology provides excellent sensitivity and low smear levels > High horizontal resolution of 850 TV lines > omplies with the MDD when used with optional CMA-D2MD/CE C AC power supply Product compliance EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2 DXC-390P...

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Cameras Recorders Recorders lasting clarity Versatile, workflow-efficient recording and storage solutions Applying our deep expertise across recording, storage and network technology, our solutions ensure clinicians can rely on the clarity of their medical images for years to come. The Sony Medical range of compact and versatile solutions deliver exceptional archive picture quality. They support workflow efficiency with powerful random access capability, plus enhanced security that protect patient data. 7

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Cameras HVO-3000MT 3D & 2D HD Medical Video Recorder Suitable for: Surgical Microscopy, Surgical Endoscopy, Robotic-Assisted Surgery in 3D Designed specifically for recording long-playing 3D and 2D HD images from OR medical cameras and simultaneous patient monitor information. Recorders > Can record and playback high quality 3D and 2D video with simple operation > Accept 3D HD video input from HD-SDI and DVI sources with high resolution of 1080 vertical lines up to 60 proggressive frames per second > Simultaneous recording on internal hard drive, DVD/ Bluray Disc drive and USB slot > > > > > >...

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Cameras DVO-1000MD Medical SD DVD Recorder Suitable for: Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Radiology, Surgery This DVD recorder has been designed specifically for use in a wide range of surgical and other healthcare environments. Compact, rugged and easy to use, it offers all the benefits of removable disc media. Recorders > DVD+RW Digital Recording > Easy to use operation Features > ewritable DVD+RW disc as recording media (highly re-usable, R low-cost and wide interoperability) > igh quality MPEG2 video recording (HQ/SP/LP mode available) H > uick recording and high reliability with back-up hard disk recording...

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Cameras Recorders Monitors – clarity that displays precise detail Medical monitors that ensure outstanding image quality As image quality becomes increasingly lifelike, the importance of medical monitors in supporting critical decisions increases too. An obvious example is in surgery where, for a surgeon about to make an incision, the ability to distinguish clearly between different tissue types is paramount. In the pursuit of the ultimate image clarity, we have now developed the first dedicated medical monitor with Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. Applying our expertise in delivering...

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Cameras Surgical Monitors LMD-1530MD 15 inch Medical LCD Monitor Recorders Suitable for: Microscopy, Endoscopy This high resolution LCD monitor with superb picture quality and DC power supply is ideal for Surgery Arm Mount applications. > Full range of SD inputs & HDMI > IPS LCD panel > Wide viewing angle Features Panel Resolution WXGA (1280 x 768 pixels) Anti-reflection (AR) coated protection panel VESA mounting standard compliance Parallel control interface Monitors > > > > Product compliance E N 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, UL 60601-1, CSA C22.2 No. 601.1, FCC / IC Class A LMD-1951MD 19 inch Medical...

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