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Sostel. Company profile 2019

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COMPANY PROFILE Sostel has been active in the Italian market for over 40 years. Our product portfolio includes: NURSE CALL SYSTEMS INTERCOM SYSTEMS BED HEAD UNITS WALL LIGHTS FOR HOSPITALS & NURSING HOMES Sostel has been selling bed head units since 1999 and in 2001 started its own production (KABEL Series). In 2005 the company became a certified manufacturer of medical devices according to the Directive 93/42 EEC. The company core values are efficiency, reliability, punctuality in the delivery and focus on the quality of the products. Our bed head units are tailored to the needs of...

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COMPANY FACTS PRODUCTS  Bed Head Units – Medical Supply Units  Wall Lamps for hospital wards & elderly care homes COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES  Long-term know-how  All products are made internally  ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 13485:2016  Product quality, flexibility and personalization  A wide range of products for any different need: long-term-care, intensive care, n

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COMPANY FACTS IDEAL PARTNERS  Certified companies that design and manifacture medical gas or electrical systems for the healthcare and nursing market.  Manufacturer or dealers of nurse call and communications systems who wish to complete their offer with BHUs.  Manufacturer or dealers of Bed Head Units and ceiling pendants who want to extend their product portfol

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COMPANY FACTS TARGET Public and private health service (hospitals, clinics and nursing homes) REFERENCES Over 20.000 beds in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes in Italy Hospitals of the Tuscany region - 2500 beds Ferrara Hospital - 500 beds Ospedale del Mare (Naples) - 400 beds Verona Hospital - 250 beds Don Gnocchi Foundation - 250 beds Sassari Hospital - 250 beds

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MEDICAL SUPPLY UNITS – KABEL SERIES The medical supply units KABEL Series are designed for the different needs of hospitals, clinics and elderly care homes. The key feature of the Sostel products is the possibility to customize them: all our bed head units can be tailor-made according to the customers’ needs.  Number of beds  Total length of the device  Wall or ceiling mounting  Color / surface finish  Type and number of components: electrical, data transmission...  Accessories: monitors, tool bars, hooks…  Type and number of me

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KABEL SERIES: CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO CARE INTENSITY LEVEL HIGH CARE MEDIUM CARE VAN / VAN GAS for in-patient wards JIB for long-term care wards MAIN for in-patient wards WINCH for in-patient / long-term care

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KABEL SERIES: CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO CARE INTENSITY LEVEL GOSTER GAS LARGE for preparation and resuscitation departments for resuscitation, pre-operative areas, dialysis GENN for pre-operative, resuscitation and dialysis SOSPESA for resuscitation units and pre-operative areas SPINN LARGE for resuscitation, pre-operative areas, ICUs

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LIGHTING - TACK LED Tack LED is a wall lamp with a double flow of lighting and is intended as an ideal solution for lighting in nursing homes and long-term care departments. ✓ SMALL Maximum light efficiency and reduced visual impact. ✓ SIMPLE Simple mounting, wall-fixing and maintenance. ✓ SMART Essential design, entirely made of aluminium. The front cover is available as standard in white or silver and is customizable on request with other colors and finishings.

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LIGHTING - TACK LED On request, Tack LED can be customized with the following options: ✓ RGB Light ✓ Dimmer push ✓ Dimmer push dual-zone Tack LED is CE certified and compliant with Rohs directive. It is equipped with long-lasting LED lights provided with photobiological certification. The lamp complies with the UGR glare parameters required by law.

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Contact us for more information Catalogues and Brochures  Technical datasheets  Individual offers Sostel S.r.l. Via Tonale, 15 | 24061 | Albano S. Alessandro (BG) | Italy | Tel. +39 035 580

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