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Amsco® OR Storage Consoles
Evidence-based Design
STERIS’s research into actual operating room
procedures is incorporated into the design of
these OR storage modules.
Integrated warming cabinet features convenient digital control technology and is available
with optional electric door locks and electronic data recording to meet your OR needs.
Full Day’s Work
Integrated Warming Cabinet
Our storage consoles provide:
Amsco Warming Cabinets combine with OR Storage Consoles for a
sleek, integrated and organized storage space
• Complete storage for a full schedule
• Instant access to supplies and equipment
to minimize procedural delays
• Protection of your sterile supplies behind
closed doors
Exactly What You
• Modules can be recessed or freestanding
to adjust to space and cost constraints
• Easy-to-clean surfaces include either
premium stainless steel or tempered
glass doors on all sections
• Dimensions, fittings and arrangements
are precisely designed for proper
and efficient storage of costly surgical
The Organization
Our project design managers will help
you design and configure the optimal
storage configuration to match your space
requirements and address your current and
future OR needs.
• Precise and convenient digital control technology
• Stainless steel doors and cabinets for durability
• Electronic data recording and electric door locks are available

Amsco® Flexmatic® Scrub Station
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    Clean - Efficient - OrganizedCase Goods Solutions from STERIS
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    Tough as SteelOur freestanding and recessed warmingcabinets feature:• Superior durability – cabinets are built towithstand years of useEach...
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    Premium Model Warming CabinetsAdded Features toAdvance Patient Care:We designed our premium warming cabinets totake the worry out of providing warm supplies.Enhancements...
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    Amsco® Flexmatic Scrub SinkStandard rose spray headwith optional eye washOptional laminar flow head withoptional eye washOptional infra-red sensor...
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    Amsco® Warming Cabinets SpecificationsAvailable ModelsSingle CompartmentStandardDual CompartmentPremiumStandardOR Storage Warming CabinetPremiumStandardMid-Size...
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