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Amsco® Flexmatic® Scrub Station
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    Standard Model Warming CabinetsWarm, Secure &OrganizedAmsco warming cabinets are designed tostore and warm sterile intravenous (IV) andsurgical irrigation...
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    Tough as SteelOur freestanding and recessed warmingcabinets feature:• Superior durability – cabinets are built towithstand years of useEach...
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    Premium Model Warming CabinetsAdded Features toAdvance Patient Care:We designed our premium warming cabinets totake the worry out of providing warm supplies.Enhancements...
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    Two slide-out baskets forfluid storage are includedwith mid-size cabinetBlanket storage shelf(left), also included, canbe mixed with basket (farleft) to...
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    Amsco® OR Storage ConsolesEvidence-based DesignSTERIS’s research into actual operating roomprocedures is incorporated into the design ofthese...
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