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Catalogue excerpts

TACTYS Smooth and touch-sensitive keyboard made of toughened glass

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A full range of smooth and cleanable keyboards s the pioneer of the medical touch-sensitive keyboard, TACTYS supplies a full range of products that combines innovation, hygiene and design. The surface made of toughened glass can be cleaned in a single wipe, thus saving time and ensuring sterile quality. In fact the technology supports comfortable, rapid keystrokes without pressing. It has been shown that after telephones and smart phones, the conventional computer keyboard is one of the main homes for germs that nestle between the keys and have become impossible to remove (Dr. Gary Noskin, expert...

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The slimline, ergonomic SLIM series The SLIM series of touch-sensitive keyboards has advanced fea- tures: ultra-thin, 100% PC-/Mac-compatible, 5 adjustable levels of sensitivity, adjustable tone and volume level, function keys for direct access... SLIM 711 ~ Compact and adjustable Itra-slim, compact Tactys keyboard version in a clean, elegant design, the SLIM 711 is ideal on a care or consultation trolley, in drawer. Comfortable, with > Adjustable sound and sensitivity SLIM keyboards are referenced UGAP Available in the following versions: French azerty, Belgian azerty, Swiss qwertz, German qwertz,...

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SLIM 921 : The high performance he SLIM 921 combines freedom of movement and performance with the advantages of the TACTYS range. Its wide range, battery life and rapid charging time make it an efficient tool in the workplace. This new generation peripheral is automatically recognised by any Bluetooth 4 compatible device (tablet, smartphone, PC, etc.), without a dongle. With its extra-flat hot-dipped glass design, the SLIM 921 boasts a solid surface which can be disinfected, ensuring easy typing and adjustable according to the user. The SLIM 921 keyboard combines battery life, cleanliness and...

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Custom keyboards esigner and manufacturer of touch-sensitive keyboards, Tactys produces its ranges in numerous languages under its own brand and also invests its skills in OEM products. Our expertise together with our production method enable us to meet the specific demands of distributors or end-customers: e.g. changing the colour, adding a logo, or a new language, etc.. The capacitive technology offers numerous options, such as making keyboards in a wide array of different materials: toughened glass, wood, leather, plastic, Corian ... Our Research Office addresses specific requests. Corian worktop...

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pathogenic micro-organism can survive for a long time (sometimes several months) on the inanimate and dry surfaces of data input devices. ecent years have seen rapid changes in the management of patient records and the use of more recent data input equipment (computer trolley, PC panel, PC laptop, tablet...). (Digital Hospital Act). The widespread use of computers enables efficient, safe and highperformance communication, but in parallel increases the risk of the spread of hospital-acquired infections. Thus the need to use waterproof, cleanable medical IT hardware. Germs on conventional computer...

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Tips for disinfecting the Tactys keyboard actys keyboards have been developed to prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infections since the impregnable and smooth toughened glass can be cleaned and disinfected like a surface. Remember to lock the keyboard before cleaning (Tactys key + keyboard lock key). o achieve optimal sterile conditions the 4 procedures consolidated in the Sinner circle should be jointly implemented. If one factor is decreased, the decrease (or loss) is offset by the increase of one or more other factors. The chemical procedure: The method and the product to be used depends...

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Tactys, the specialist in clean, mobile IT Toughened glass, touch-sensitive keyboards Mobile, stand-alone computing Kangouroo universal power system Tactys designs and develops its innovations at its research office in Haute-Normandie TACTYS SAS with capital of € 108, 500 - ZI de la Briqueterie - Voie A 76160 SAINT JACQUES SUR DARNETAL, FRANCE Tel : +33 (0)2 35 75 48 10 - RCS ROUEN 490 452 752 - TVA Intra FR 91 490 452 752

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