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Finally, the right fit for your insulin needs. (Actual Size) For convenience and ease of use, the t:flex Insulin Pump just fits. It is designed to help make your day-to-day insulin management as simple as possible by giving you more freedom and flexibility than you get with injections. The t:flex Pump is small and discreet, but has enough capacity to meet your daily insulin needs.

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Potential Benefits of Using an Insulin Pump Published studies have shown that insulin pump therapy, when paired with proper training and support, can have the following benefits: • etter blood sugar control than multiple daily injections, especially in B people with higher A1c levels. 1-2 • ecreased duration of high blood sugar, with no increase in severe low D blood sugar (hypoglycemia). 2-3 • ewer large swings in your blood glucose. F • ower total daily insulin use. L Using a pump can also provide you with peace of mind, because you always have your insulin with you. 1. Reznik Y, Cohen O,...

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Fewer needles. More freedom. Needles are a pain. With the t:flex Pump, you don't have to constantly interrupt TM your day for injections, because you only change your infusion site every 2-3 days. Pump Infusion Site Insertions Americans already use an insulin pump to manage their type 2 diabetes. 4 Syringe/Pen Injections (average per year) * Numbers calculated based on 4 injections per day for shots, and one site change every 3 days for pumps. 4. Close Concerns, Insulin Pump Market Overview, January 2015.

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How do insulin pumps work? Insulin delivery is personalized using a simple touch screen. Like a healthy pancreas, insulin pumps deliver only one type of insulin. Using your personal settings, the insulin is delivered both continuously (basal) and in larger doses for meals (bolus). A pump eliminates the need for multiple daily injections of different kinds of insulin, which means you have one less thing to remember. Insulin pumps can be easily removed for short The insulin flows through thin, flexible tubing, available in a variety of lengths. periods of time for showering, swimming, or...

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Simple basal dosing. You can personalize your t:flex Pump to deliver a steady TM amount of insulin to meet your changing needs throughout the day and night. This is called basal delivery. maximum bolus Simple bolus dosing. The t:flex Pump allows you to deliver your mealtime insulin, also called a bolus, using a simple, color touch screen. (Actual Size)

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So small, so discreet. The t:flex Pump is very small and slim, and looks more TM like a smart phone than a medical device, so it's easy to use in public without drawing attention. Up to 3 days of insulin delivery* So much more. Don’t let the small size of the t:flex Pump fool you. This little pump has the largest insulin capacity of any available pump – up to 480 units. This means you can get up to 3 days of insulin delivery* with fewer interruptions for cartridge changes than with other pumps. Monica * Depending on individual needs and brand of insulin used.

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touch simplicity Touch screen technology makes the t:flex Pump simple to learn and TM simple to use. The bright, color touch screen lets you conveniently deliver insulin and view your settings. So whether you are new to pump therapy or experienced, the t:flex Pump is designed for you. Experience the simplicity of the t:flex ™ Insulin Pump on your mobile device! Simple reporting. The t:flex Pump allows you to view your insulin delivery history right on the screen. You can also quickly upload your data using the t:connect Diabetes Management Application on either a Mac or a PC, and generate ®...

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Safe and secure. The t:flex Pump was designed with your safety in mind. TM • Touch screen safety lock guards against unintended use • Innovative Micro-Delivery technology prevents your pump from unintentionally delivering insulin from the reservoir ® • Easy-to-hear alarms and alerts with adjustable volume and vibrate mode • Simple enough for a family member or friend to learn (in case you ever want their help) Built to last. Easy to recharge. The t:flex Pump is ultra-strong – the aluminum case is very The built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery powers your shatter-resistant glass...

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Just your style. Infusion sets designed to fit your needs. You have lots of options for how you choose to wear your t:flex Pump – on a belt, tucked in a pocket, or worn discreetly under clothing. The t:flex Pump gives you the flexibility to select an infusion set that fits your body and lifestyle, with a variety of choices of cannula materials, adhesives, and insertion angles. t:clip Vertical Case ™ (Coming Soon) This plastic case lets you wear your pump clipped vertically to any garment. This stylish leatherette case clips horizontally to your clothes and gives you full access to your pump...

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Patient preferred. Why Tandem Diabetes Care? It’s nice to know that the t:flex Insulin Pump is made by Tandem TM When you purchase an insulin pump from Tandem Diabetes Care, you get more than just a pump: Diabetes Care , the company consistently ranked #1 among pump ® users for overall user satisfaction and customer support. #1 rated customer support. 1 Local support. Assistance is available from a Tandem representative and Certified Diabetes Specialist in your area. 2 An insurance verification team. We’ll help you through the process and work to get you the lowest out-of-pocket cost. At...

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Have questions? t:flex Insulin Pump Technical Specifications Do you have questions about the t:flex Pump TM Physical Characteristics or your insurance coverage? Just call us at: Infusion Sets • Standard Luer-lock infusion sets Safety Features Weight • 4.05 ounces (with full 480 unit cartridge) Insulin Delivery Mechanism • Micro-Delivery technology Color • Black aluminum case with chrome trim Alarms • Adjustable volume, visual, vibratory User Interface • Bright, color touch screen Fill out and submit the online form, or Screen • Shatter-resistant glass Alerts/Reminders • High BG (blood...

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