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VS 100 & VS 300

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ENGINEERING HEALTH, -a Mizuho Group Company-

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VS 100 Flexibility/ Improved Care. For intensive care units, VS 100 serves as a fully-integrated wall supply system. All lighting, mains- /low-voltage components, and medical gas supplies are accessible from within a single product, providing convenience, efficiency and additional safety in the ICU. Part of the VS 100 are horizontal or vertical device rails for accommodating accessories over the complete length of the VS 100. Customized workstations with flexible configurations for arranging and mounting the medical equipment. For more information please see our accessories brochure. —□—...

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Low Maintenance • No moving parts. Hence, no wear and tear • Installation components are maintenance-free (socket outlets, switches, etc.) •    Extruded aluminium profile system •    Anodized equipment rails • Internal supply cables and copper gas tubes comply with international standards • Maintenance-free solder connections for medical gas outlets in the VS 100 Indirect Room Illumination • Glare-free, indirect LED room lighting with a service life in excess of 50,000 hours for homogeneous i llumination of the work area • Can be combined with RGB LED modules for atmospheric room lighting •...

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Features Expansion Levels • The combination of subprofiles with the VS 100 enables multiple combinations for adapting the system to an intensive workplace requirement and to room conditions • Device rail optional Device Rail • Horizontal or vertical device rails (25 x 10 mm) for accommodating accessories along the entire length • Flexible arrangement and mounting of medical equipment for designing the workstation • For more information please see accessories brochure Light Distribution • Glare-free, indirect LED room lighting for homogeneous illumination of the work area • Can be optionally...

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VS 300 panel can be installed either horizontally or vertically with a recessed depth of 85 mm and flush-mounted into the wall for easily accessing all components VS 300 Smart Design. Integrated Technology VS 300 is flush-mounted and perfectly complements any surgical area installation in a horizontal or vertical position. VS 300 complies with the hygiene requirements for surgery areas by employing a design that is easy to clean, with seamless surfaces that minimize bacterial deposits. A central connection point facilitates easy installation. The use of modular front panels allows easy...

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All technical data, weight and dimensional specifications are carefully compiled, but no liability is accepted for errors. We reserve the right to modify products in the interest of progress. Some products and illustrations are shown with accessories or optional equipment that can be ordered separately. VS 100 Variable Supply System VS 300 Variable Supply System System with 1- 4 Beds    Specifications No. of Installation Equipped Length Total Length    Total Height    Total Depth    Recommended Ducts    Recess Areas System w/o lighting duct Mains voltage, low voltage or gas outlets Top:...

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-a Mizuho Group Company- TRILUX Medical GmbH & Co. KG Hüttenstrasse 21 59759 Arnsberg Deutschland Tel.: + 49 29 32 9214-0 www.trilux-medical.com 0044 Manufactured by TRILUX Medical GmbH & Co. KG TRILUX Medical is constantly improving its products. All specifications are subject to change without notice. 2018 ©TRILUX Medical 18/01 EN 10154146

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