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CAST CARE Duroplast . Plaster of Paris Bandage B.P. FOR PATIENTS WITH A P.O.P. CAST The purpose of your cast is to keep your injury from moving so there is less pain and to promote healing. The Plaster of Paris cast immobilizes the injured part of your body. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN THE CAST IS APPLIED:The Plaster of Paris bandage is applied over a padding material that covers the affected part. The casting material will begin to feel warm as it is applied. For the cast to harden, a chemical reaction occurs that results in warmth that you feel. This warmth will not burn your skin. To prevent burning sensation and to hasten drying, the cast must be left uncovered. The cast soon becomes cold and damp. If you feel cold and clammy because of the wet cast, you can cover all areas of your body except the cast. The cast should be left exposed so that it will dry thoroughly. Drying time of the cast may depend upon how large and thick it is, humidity and air temperature. HERE ARE A FEW DO’S AND DON’T’S WHICH WILL HELP A SPEEDY RECOVERY:DO’S Keep the plaster uncovered for 48 to 72 hours to ensure complete drying and hardening. The Plaster may feel slightly tight for some time after application. Keeping the limb elevated will help, if it is an arm, keep it in a sling, if it is a leg, keep it on one or more pillows. Exercise all adjacent joints, which are not immobilized by the cast. Keep the Cast dry and clean to ensure that it does not crack down. Do not allow the plaster cast to get wet as this may lead to cracking of the cast. Sprinkle talcum powder freely under the cast to relieve itching. DONT’S For the initial period of 2 to 3 days, do not expose your plaster cast to any pressure, artificial heat or water. This may cause cracking of Plaster Cast and sore formation. Do not scratch any itch under the cast with any long objects like knitting needle, spoons or combs. This will damage the cast and also the skin. WARNING SIGNALS TO WATCH FOR:Numbness or tingling, cold or blueness of fingers or toes. Extreme pain or Discomfort. Loosening or Tightening of the cast or the Cast has cracked. Swelling of your injured limb. IF ANY OF THE ABOVE ARE INDICATED, KEEP YOUR INJURED PART AS IMMOBILE AS POSSIBLE AND CALL YOUR DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY.

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