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Product Guide 2019

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ABOUT US UFSK-OSYS Innovation & Quality MTR - Mobile Table Rotation Quality characters TREATMENT CHAIRS eyeForce 12 - 19 SURGEON'S STOOLS PATIENT- & EQUIPMENT PROTECTION surgiForce 42 - 43 stayClean treatment chair cover drape 62 - 63 DENTAL SURGERY MICRO SURGERY ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL

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Growth and Development Founded in 1975 in Regensburg, UFSK-OSYS develops innovative technologies that benefit surgeons, patients and staff at hospitals and clinics around the world. We are committed to the continuing development of high-quality medical products and systems that offer customers the best price to performance value. Germany’s rich tradition of precision craftsmanship and engineering is evident in the construction of all of our tables and chairs. Since its inception, UFSK-OSYS has experienced phenomenal growth. We are always looking for new opportunities to develop technologies...

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Christian Scherrieble: “We build operating tables and surgical chairs for physicians and patients with a keen understanding of quality and outstanding comfort”! Jürgen Scherrieble: “We develop products for the most brilliant machine there is – the human body”. All over the world – it’ all about you! s It is these principles by which our highly-qualified professional One of our products’ most outstanding characteristic is their staff, supported by state-of-the-art production technologies, mobility – i.e. their easy maneuverability by a single person – strives to continually optimize the...

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Patient-oriented perfection down to the smallest detail As an owner-managed company, we make our customers’ We believe in all of your ideas and suggestions as an opportunity needs and requirements our number-one priority. This includes to get even better. We believe in growing along with our tasks. fast and flexible reactions to their wishes and a range of The outstanding dedication of every single one of our employees, customized solutions which not only meet our customers’ our carefully planned processes, our high level of specialization expectations and requirements but actually exceeds...

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Know-how and precision Whether for private practices or for clinics – it is our job to transports. UFSK-OSYS allows you to set new standards in put together the best and most effective package to suit your patient friendliness: the comfort and safety of our reclining seats specific needs and requirement – tailored from the abundance of is extremely important to us. The safety for staff and patients, options available at our fingertips. Our know-how in all matters of in combination with the guaranteed high level patient turnover, consulting, development, and manufacture makes us a powerful...

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Charlottenklinik Stuttgart. Surgery according to the principle of rotation Less and less time to treat an increasing number of patients? efficient work thanks to the principle of rotation. While you are a great deal of effort. For your staff, this means: 30 % workload Tight calculations and a drop in return on investments? Clinic- operating on a patient, your staff can prepare another patient for reduction and protection of the intervertebral disks and back. proven rotational systems help to significantly cut down on surgery at the same time while your previous patient can relax For...

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Improved Preoperative Preparation Headrest, backrest, seat surface and footrest are infinitely adjustable via servomotors – at the touch of a button – allowing you to immediately create the perfect surgery conditions for surgeon and patient alike – without losing unnecessary time. Innovative Patient Transport The “intelligent” chassis ensures effortless patient transport even through narrow passages and on longer routes. Prepare, Operate, Recover on one Chair. MOBILE TABLE ROTATION Simple and Secure Access The low access and sitting height support even physically handicapped patients while...

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Steering Guide - Facilitates the directional pushing by only a single person while Our quality features at a single glance protecting that person's back muscles against strain In addition to bringing you an optimized price-performance ratio, all our products come with special quality features designed to benefit staff, surgeons, and patients alike while making daily work life easier, especially in high patient-turnover surgery environments. Mobility - Its lightweight construction reduces the treatment chair's weight - 360-degree rotating double casters Memory Auto-Run - Move chair into...

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Pop-up joystick - Maximum patient weight admissible on the - Optimized patient positioning - Foot operation via joystick for sensitive chair - Ergonomically adjustable 4-element upper frame - All four elements of the support surface are separately adjustable via the manual keypad Battery powered Premium upholstery e-drive system - Battery-operated; independent from the power - High-grade, easy-to-clean, and shape retaining - Electronic pushing aid, very easy to use supply; perfectly mobile - Powerful, eco-friendly batteries - Anti-microbially treated, hygienic, mildew-retardant -...

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eyeForce eyeForce The perfect combination of trendsetting comfort and supreme quality. OPHTHALMIC SURGERY ADVANTAGES - Mains-independent operation thanks to powerful and environmentally friendly batteries (about 100 surgery cycles), quickly exchangeable via backup battery drawer - Tiltable foot control via two 4-way joysticks plus activation switch allow sensitive and precise chair adjustment even after the surgeon is already aseptic - Manual keypad with five individually programmable memo positions, reset button, auto-run function and battery level display - The 3-D and longitudinally...

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