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C0187-MEDICAL-PHARMA - 12 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

Safe and functional packages Global Packaging MEDICAL and PHARMACEUTICAL Packaging Solutions

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Medical and Pharmaceutical Specialists in Medical and Pharmaceutical Easy-open packages Medical and Pharmaceutical industries, require reliable, reproducible and traceable packaging solutions to offer maximum protection for sterilised Healthcare devices and products. We can design packages to be ease-opened on any usage circumstance. Taking into consideration, conditions where the package will be opened and product be used, e.g. flaps, zigzag, etc. ULMA offers packaging solutions fulfilling all of the standards required by those industries. Using plastic films, Tyvek® , medicalgrade paper, aluminized...

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Safe and functional packages Design adapted to the product’s specifications and its functional requirements Package features: customised shapes, sterilisable materials, easy-open aids, lot number, date of expiration and traceability data printing possibilities, guarantee package functionality and product protection. Customised shapes packages Certain products require custom shapes or packages with multiple cavities to form medical kits. Our packaging machines incorporate great flexibility and rapid setup features to quickly change formats. Materials The possibility of using different materials...

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Disposable plastic devices Single-use plastic devices ULMA is capable to design package solutions for disposable and one-time use medical devices; preserving sterilised conditions until package is opened. Depending on the characteristics of the product, it is possible to make flexible or rigid packages.

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Disposable plastic devices Single-use plastic devices ULMA is capable to design package solutions for disposable and one-time use medical devices; preserving sterilised conditions until package is opened. Tamper-evident packages can be also easily manufactured. Flexible, affordable and easy-open packaging that protects the product.

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Medical textiles, gauzes, sponges etc. Single-use medical textile products Sterilisable products, can be packaged on optimised hybrid lidding material, reducing high-cost materials consume through a patented mixing lidding system, where a Tyvek® strip is used instead of the whole package lidding surface. Affordable wrapping for grouped products are also available.

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Injectables Maximum protection Injectable and delicate products, require packaging solutions that guarantee strong mechanical protection as well as preserve tough sterilization conditions. ULMA satisfies all of those requirements with diverse packaging technologies. Packages suitable for sterilisation processes (EtO, steam,...) Medical devices Devices designed for surgery and examinations Packaging solutions for devices such as drills, scalpels, prostheses, implants, etc. that need to be packaged with guaranteed reliability. Depending on product characteristics, ULMA has alternatives to accomplish...

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Pharmaceutical OTC Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals ULMA is capable to perform affordable packaging for OTC pharmaceutical products, delivering optimum protection.

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Packaging Technologies FLOW PACK (HFFS) - FP Packaging is accomplished through a roll of film, forming a tube that is sealed along all the package length and two more transverse sealing areas on the head and foot of the package. The pack is formed by vertical flow pack wrapping machines. A tube of film is formed around a product and sealed with one longitudinal and two transversal seals. Plastic films, Medical-grade paper, Tyvek®, Aluminised films can be used. Sleeve wrapping machines designed for packaging with shrink film when the product does not need to be completely sealed. Two rolls of film...

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Automation Automated Processes ULMA Packaging Automation offers comprehensive solutions that include the automation of the processes for each packaging system: alignment, handling, transportation and product loading, post-packaging unloading and finally boxing and palletising. This division of ULMA Packaging develops vision system-integrated applications in its technological centre, enabling the automation of product loading and inspection tasks and the subsequent unloading of the packaged product. All functions performed by ULMA robots are integrated into the packaging line and monitored through...

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Automation Surgical sponge and spatula packaging system Automated loading of the product (sponge and spatula) into the thermoforming machine with an iodine dosing system. Robots for loading the components of the contents of the package. Volumetric, flow metering and peristaltic dosing systems. Thermoforming machine with automatic loading and dosing.

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Medical and Pharmaceutical At ULMA Packaging we believe that developing a close working relationship with our customers is the best way of ensuring their satisfaction, always providing a unique customer-oriented service. Validation At ULMA we design and produce packaging solutions to meet your needs and efficiently comply with all legal requirements. • Management of users and groups. • Password management. • Audit trail. • Recipe change log. • Data backup. Our qualification and validation processes cover the following areas: • Risk analysis. • Functional specification. • Validation plan. • Installation...

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