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Advance 2L Instructions

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2 Litre Liners Connection and use: Read all instructions thoroughly before attempting to use this equipment, pay special attention to warnings and precautions - these are indicated thus Before use check the product has not reached its use by date. This can be found printed on the liner and packaging label. 1 Ensure rigid canister is clean - wipe the inner rim surface with a damp cloth if necessary. Use the correct size canister for your liner! 4 2 Remove liner from carton, do not attempt to unfold the liner as they self inflate. 3 Place liner into rigid canister and push firmly. Check patient port is facing forward for ease of connection. 4 Push the taper connector on the vacuum tubing from suction controller into the vacuum port with a twisting motion. 5 Turn the Suction Controller to maximum and switch on the vacuum; this will inflate the liner ready for use. Once the liner has been inflated set the desired vacuum level using the suction controller. 6 6 Connect the patient tubing firmly to the patient port to ensure a good fit. 7 PRE-USE CHECK: Confirm that suction is present at the patient tube by manually occluding the patient tube end before proceeding. If liner is set up prior to use and may not be used for some considerable time. Please ensure that the cap is kept in a clean condition in accordance with your hospital policy. AFTER USE: ENSURE You wear gloves. 8 IMPORTANT! Do not turn off vacuum source while disconnecting patient tubing. If system has been overfilled fluids may pass back down patient tubing! 8 Remove patient tubing and fit stopper located on rim into port 9 Remove the vacuum connection and using the handles, lift the liner out of its canister Refer to disposal instructions These instructions should be used in conjunction with the instructions supplied with the product Note: If a liner has been used it should be replaced within 24 hours to ensure maximum vacuum. Before use check the product has not reached its use by date. This can be found printed on the liner and packaging label. Conforms to: 93/42EEC Medical devices directive Important information Latex Free Packaging 100% Recycled 100% Recyclable

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