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Advance 4L Instructions

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4 x Canister Cascade System INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE FOR ADVANCE 4 x CANISTER CASCADE SYSTEM Connection and use: Read all instructions thoroughly before attempting to use this equipment. Pay special attention to warnings and precautions - these are indicated thus Before use, check the product has not reached its use by date. This can be found printed on the liner and packaging label. Setting up the 4 x Canister Cascade system Ensure you are familiar with the set up of standard Advance. 1 Place ONE GREEN CAP LINER into the canister to the left of the front of Suction Controller. Attach yellow tubing with tapered connector from the suction controller to the vacuum port of the GREEN CAP LINER. 2 Place BLUE CAP LINERS in remaining canisters. 3 Using VacSax cascade tubing, connect the patient port of the GREEN CAP LINER to the vacuum port of the second blue liner; continue until the last liner is reached, ensuring all tubing connectors are pushed firmly onto patient and vacuum ports. Turn on suction controller and set to maximum vacuum level. 4 Connect your patient tubing to the patient port of the last BLUE CAP LINER. Confirm vacuum is present by manually occluding the patient port of the last blue liner. Ensure all liners are fully inflated. AFTER USE ENSURE you wear gloves IMPORTANT! DO NOT TURN OFF VACUUM SOURCE WHILE DISCONNECTING THE LINER SYSTEM, if system has been overfilled fluids may pass back down the patient tubing. 4 Starting at the liner with the patient tubing connected - Disconnect patient tubing from the patient port. Remove the small patient port stopper from the outer rim of the liner cap by twisting to snap-off. Press the stopper firmly into patient port. Disconnect the cascade tubing from the liner vacuum port and press the large yellow stopper firmly into the port. Continue until all liners are disconnected and sealed. VacSax Limited, Western Wood Way, Langage Science Park, Plymouth, PL7 5BG, UK. T:+44 (0)1752 337000 F:+44 (0)1752 337600 UKAS Conforms to: 93/42EEC Medical devices directive Important information Latex Free Packaging 100% Recycled 100% Recyclable

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