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S-Scort® Duet - 2 Pages

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S-Scort® Duet
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Catalog excerpts

Portable Electric Suction Unit with battery back-up The S-Scort® Duet is a powerful, portable AC suction unit with battery back-up. With airflow greater than 30Lpm at the end of a patient tube, the Duet will give you the suction needed for all constant suction and emergency care procedures. The S-Scort® Duet can be conveniently positioned on stand-by anywhere you need and the optional retention bracket enables the Duet to be fastened to a Trolley or Wall. The battery care system automatically charges and monitors itself. Leave it plugged in all the time, the battery cannot be overcharged. The automatic capacity check will warn you when the battery begins to lose capacity (eventually all batteries lose capacity and need to be replaced, an explanation of this can be found atwww.sscor.com/maxcapacity.htm) Sscor will replace a new Duet battery that does not operate to specifications within three years of a new Duet purchase. S-Scort Duet Portable Suction with 1 Litre VacSax Liner S-Scort Duet Portable Suction with 2 Litre VacSax Liner and Universal Canister Holder Canister Holder

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Portable Electric Suction Unit with battery back-up SSCORJNC. DUET 9720-210 - S-Scort® Duet with Universal Holder and filter kit 9720-211 - S-Scort® Duet with Filter Kit 4720-202 - Retention Bracket (for wall or Trolley) 4720-203 - Universal Canister Holder 3833-134 - 1 L Parallel VacSax Canister 9910-340 - 1L VacSax Advance Suction Liners box of 25 9810-101 - 1L GelSax Advance PreGelled Suction Liners box of 25 S-Scort® Specifications 30Lpm airflow at the end of patient tube:- Internal automatic charger offers fast charge up to full and then gentle float to maintain charge. LED's indicate charging...

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