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Suction checklist

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Suction checklist It is recommended that suction systems are checked At least every 7 days Weekly suction checks Do’s Ensure suction controller is connected to the liner Ensure taper connector is a firm fit in the liner port Ensure liner bag is fully inflated Turn on controller and set to maximum Occlude patient port with finger Check suction rises on gauge above -400mm/hg (-50Kpa) Release finger and listen for air flow Turn down controller to mid range Turn off controller and refit catheter tubing Check condition of regulator filter and replace according to manufacturers recommendations Leave liner “folded” in canister Use the incorrect size liner for the canister Use liners past their use by date Use liners that are damaged, split, broken etc Leave contaminated liners in-situ Attempt to reuse liners – they are single use! Place equipment in inaccessible positions Leave vacuum “on” when not in use VacSax Limited, Western wood way, Langage Science Park, Plymouth United Kingdom, PL7 5BG Tel: +44(1752)337000 fax: +44(1752)337600

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