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VacSax Advance - 4 Pages

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VacSax Advance
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Catalogue excerpts

^Disposable Suction Liner Range The ADVANCE range of suction liners available in 1 Litre, 2 Litre and 3 Litre sizes coupled with canisters which fit any bracket within the hospital is the ideal choice for all clinical areas. Use as a completely closed system with the standard or PreGelled suction liners. Simple sample port versions for the addition of solidifying gel or for using with a sample sock are also available. All our liners with the exception of the cascade versions have a hydrophobic bacterial shut off valve for complete overflow protection. The unique patented design of the bag, folded for ease of storage which begins to inflate immediately the vacuum The integral carry handles on the liner allows for the safe removal from the canister and the bag will stand upright whilst full of fluid. Our continual focus on innovation has resulted in the launch of our BactfClear™ range of suction liners, the only system where all external surfaces are totally antimicrobial, designed to minimise the risk of cross infection. ^J&W" commitment isHo quality

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Disposable Suction Liner Range Advance Range (see reverse for product specifications)

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Disposable Suction Liner Range VacSax Advance Liners with Hydrophobic Bacterial Filters 9910-340 1 Litre Advance Liner box of 25 VAL-201 2 Litre Advance Liner box of 30 VAL-301 3 Litre Advance Liner box of 20 VAL-202 2 Litre Wide Bore Liner box of 30 VAL-104 l Litre Advance Liner with sample port box of 30 VAL-204 2 Litre Advance Liner with sample port box of 30 VAL-304 3 Litre Advance Liner with sample port box of 20 VacSax Advance Cascade Liners including Cascade/Tandem Tubing VAL-203 2 Litre Cascade Liner box of 30 including cascade tubing VAL-303 3 Litre Cascade Liner box of 20 including cascade...

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