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VacSax Bacticlear A4

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Helping in the fight against cross infection VacSax BactiClear™ Disposable Suction Liners designed to minimise the risk of cross infection. All external surfaces of the liner and canister have antibacterial properties. The BactiClear™ suction system contains an effective and permanent antimicrobial to help in the fight against cross contamination. The BactiClear™ suction system has been proven to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E.coli by up to 99% as tested Slow release of the active antimicrobial additive gives protection over many years. BactiClear™ is the only antibacterial suction liner system available and was developed and is manufactured in Great Britain by VacSax Limited.

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Helping in the fight against cross infection • Intensive Care Critical Care Special Care Baby Unit Anywhere in the hospital where deemed necessary TYPICAL PERFORMANCE REDUCES 80% OF BACTERIA AFTER 99% EFFECTIVE WITHIN 24 HOURS PERMANENT PROTECTION FROM 24 HOURS ONWARDS All liners manufactured by VacSax are made from High Density PE and do not contain - ~*~ - any PVC and produce only carbon dioxide and water upon 100% combustion helping Every effort has been made to ensure tfje accuracy of Information contained within this literature. However freedom from errors and omissions cannot be...

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