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Catalog 2018 - 12 Pages

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Catalog 2018
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Catalogue excerpts


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ACTIVE CRYO World Leading Manufacturer ACTIVE CRYO Active Cryo involves exposing clients to extremely cold temperature from -120 C°to -180 C° from -220 °F to -280 °F Active Cryo using whole body cryotherapy method and liquid nitrogen cryo technology. Cryotherapy method has now been implemented in many spas, medical offices and cryo fitness studios. The beneficial treatment effects of low temperatur^J CRYO LOCAL Polar Bear

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ACTIVE CRYO CRYO LOCAL Polar Bear Local cryotherapy is very popular in cosmetology, dermatology, traumatology and sports medicine. Local cryotherapy colling a specific area of the skin all around body. Our product is using a steam cooled by nitrogen gas to provide healthy benefits for parts of body. Recovery belefits using vapcrized liquid nitrogen treatments CRYO LOCAL Polar Bear

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BODYSHAPE World Leading Manufacturer BODYSHAPE New and unique device for weight loss and cellulite reduction. You can work on treadmill while using all benefits from deep under pressure vacuum massage and infrared heating therapy. BODYSHAPE treatments for women.

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HYDROSHAPE HYDROSHAPE Combined physical exercise with water resistance therapy and hydro massage benefits in one device, which does not affect on your joints. Our solution Hydroshape allows to enjoy both benefits of hydro massage and getting rid of extra pounds. Best solution for pool biking exercise in individual capsule.

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INFRASHAPE HORIZONTAL World Leading Manufacturer technical solutions like (touch screen display, luxury leather, underpressure vacuum massage, infrared heating, collagen lamp, color and aroma therapies benefits). You workout, lie down and watching TV. INFRASHAPE HORIZONTAL INFRASHAPE HORIZONTAL Latest generation of exercise equipment which outperform expectations at first sight. Stylistic modern design for dynamic capsule bike combines with innovative

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ROLLSHAPE World Leading Manufacturer ROLLSHAPE Professional device for a body massage which won the hearts of our customers. It combines the beneficial effects of lymphatic massage, slimming and relaxation. The massage of each body part with the rotating profiled wooden rollers. The device is fully automated, easy to use and allows you to adjust the length and intensity of the massage to suit your needs. Equipped with infrared heating, chromotherapy, collagen lamps & air Ionization technology

 Open the catalogue to page 7 HYDROBIKE II HYDROBIKE II Combines the benefits of under water training with the effects of hydro massage and ozone in individual capsule. Aqua biking concept guarantees a very effective workout for reach amazing results for cellulite reduction, weight loss, get body shape. We created water aeribic equipment with state-of-art design and extra functions inside. Best aquabiking capsule for underwater cycling workout. Best idea for wellbeing and healthy life

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RUNSHAPE RUNSHAPE While designing and releasing in to market the running track RunShape treadmill, our company as commercial fitness equipment supplier were focused on customers demand. From the beginning our intention was to create a fitness device fulfilling the most basic expectations such as functionality, results. Interactive jogging with multivision.

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19. ACTIV SHAPE BED World Leading Manufacturer ACTIV SHAPE BED Modern bed for advanced exercises allow loosing excess weight and rehabilitation exercises to improve muscle structure. Interactive control panel, together with the relevant conditions prevailing inside the dome beds -36°C - make it carried out exercises are even more effective. ACTIV SHAPE BED The beneficial treatment effects in the temperature +36 degree

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21. ACTIV COUCH Wonderful relaxing and heated bed with a massage function. Heated to body temperature and matched to him it gives comfort of the highest quality. As an extension offer of the wellness and fitness we propose the modern couch made of a material based on high-strength plastic. ACTIV COUCH VIBRASHAPE The vibrant mobile platform is a resource for those who lack the time for daily fitness and slimming. This as you know to be effective, it must last at least 20 minutes vibrotraning solution is almost perfect: takes a little time and involves making recommended by the...

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CEDAR SPA BARREL World Leading Manufacturer CEDAR SPA BARREL This is mini sauna with organic steam for one person. It does not required big space and plumbing. You will have SPA benefits in your home anyway! Its fully made from cedar wood that grows on the high elevations of the clean ecological Mountains in British Columbia and Siberia. This Body rejuvenation & relax SPA device is an ideal steam which you can use at home during any free time, because the procedure lasts only 5-15 minutes. CEDAR SPA BARREL This is new generation of SPA for home & commercial use.

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