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English - Valab - Marketing Presentation - 16 Pages

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English - Valab - Marketing Presentation
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Catalogue excerpts

The unique expert system for combinatory biological and medical autoverification of patients' reports Harmonises validation practices Improves patient safety and turnaround times Quality Control processes for accreditation (ISO 15189) Suitable for all configurations of laboratories and technical platforms More than 25 years of autoverification More than 750 laboratories using our solution in France, Europe and Africa More than 250 000 patients reports processed each day More than 25 000 autoverification rules modeled Expert system for medical autoverification www.valab.com VALAB - 13 Chemin de la Madeleine 31130 Flourens – France ● +33 (0)5 61 36 06 06 contact@valab.com www.valab.com VAL-COM-02 ● 3/C ● This document is the property of VALAB. All rights reserved.

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VALAB: the company Located near Toulouse, France, the VALAB company is a spin-off of the EREMS company which originally developed the Valab expert system in the early years. The VALAB company consists of a team of a dozen or so in-house staff and external consultants working to develop the Valab expert system for computer-aided autoverification and biological validation, both for the French market and internationally. Today, over 750 sites use Valab daily in France, Europe and Africa to autoverify more than 250 000 patient reports each day. The VALAB company is represented internationally by: Somadiag...

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Valab : working with the LIS The integration of Valab into the IT architecture of the laboratory is entirely transparent for clinical scientists who continue to validate on their LIS terminal screens with full integration of the autoverification results for each test ("flags"), without modifying their normal way of working: VALAB - 13 Chemin de la Madeleine 31130 Flourens – France ● +33 (0)5 61 36 06 06 contact@valab.com www.valab.com VAL-COM-02 ● 3/C ● This document is the property of VALAB. All rights reserved.

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General presentation Objective To set up an intelligent system for the autoverification of patients reports capable of improving the safety, reproducibility, quality and speed of rendering of test results to the patient. Used like a filter, the Valab system picks out and highlights the non-validated reports for which the intervention of the clinical scientist brings real biological and/or medical added value before authorisation is given for release of the results. Moreover, in the context of a multi-site medical laboratory, Valab allows to harmonise and monitor the practice of biological validation...

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www.valab.com Means of control Users have at their disposal reference documents allowing them to ensure the implementation of the necessary means of control within the context of ISO 15189 accreditation: Qualification and Validation of Valab® by the Medical Laboratory : means of control, qualification and continuous monitoring Valab Manufacturer's Information for Medical Laboratory Accreditation: useful information for the accreditation of medical laboratories The main principles are based on the following criteria: Customisation of the parameter settings for each medical test: units, reference...

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Supported tests (by speciality) Albumin Alk. phosphatase Alpha1 AGP Alpha1 globulins Alpha2 globulins Amylase Anion gap APO A1 APO B Beta globulins Bicarbonates C3 C4 Calcium Chloride Cholesterol CK CKMB CKMB mass Coef. of saturation Cond. bilirubin Creatinine CRP Delta Na-Cl Erythrocyte Mg Ferritin Fructosamine FT3 FT4 Gamma globulins GGT Glucose Glycated Hb GOT GPT Haptoglobin HDL Cholesterol IgA IgG IgM Ionized calcium Iron Lactate LDH LDL Cholesterol Lipase Myoglobin Osmolarity/lity Phosphate Plasma Mg Potassium Pre-albumin Sodium Total bilirubin Total protein Transferrin Triglycerides Troponin...

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Complementary data (by category) Origin of the request Clinical and Therapeutic Information (CTI) Additional items (a selection) Cancerology Cardiology Digestive system Geriatrics Infectious diseases Intensive care Internal medicine Metabolic diseases Nephrology Neuropsychiatry Obst. gyneco. Pediatrics Pneumology Rheumatology Severe burn Traumatology Urology After dialysis Before dialysis Chemotherapy Cirrhosis Congenital deficiency Diabetes DIC Difficulty at sampling External Body Circulation Hemodilution Hemorrage Hepatitis HIV Hyperthyroïdism Hypothyroïdism Infarction Liver insufficiency LMWH...

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Autoverification principle (cognitive model) The expert system approach The construction of human reasoning and the ensuing behavior are the result of a set of conscious (knowledge) and unconscious (experience) elementary intellectual processes. The development of an expert system consists in: revealing the set of elementary processes building a model capable of exploiting these processes validating the generated autoverification Principle The "intelligent" model which Valab is based upon takes into account all the processes involved in the interpretation of a result according to a strategy that...

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www.valab.com Trigger all the rules applicable to the situation previously analysed Without anteriority correlation rules (lower or higher trend) With anteriority anteriority rules (lower or higher trend) Each set of rules comprises on the one hand positive rules which allow the validation of (normally) abnormal results and on the other hand negative rules which prevent the validation of (abnormally) normal results. Establish a summary of the acceptability of the result not valid for "Panic value" Results Meaning (V): This normal or pathological result, with or without anteriority, is validated...

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www.valab.com Intelligence of the system The intelligence of the system for "Anteriority" consists in its capacity to validate a large variation (greater than the RCV) if this variation is consistent with the other available data, but to block a slight or nil variation (less than the RCV) if this is incompatible with the variations observed for the other tests. The intelligence of the system for "Correlation" consists in its capacity to validate a pathological result if this result is consistent with the other data (normally abnormal), but to block a normal result if it is incompatible with other...

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