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Brochure pearly - 12 Pages

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Brochure pearly
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Catalogue excerpts

The length of the monthly cycle is varying from woman to woman. The example cycle presented here serves only to demonstrate the method, pearly® recognises your perso- nal cycle by means of temperature readings in the morning and by data reconciliation. Probability that sexual intercourse leads to red yellow green red flashes menstruation Duration of cycle phases Basal body temperature course

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What you should know • If you took the pill, you have to stop it first before you begin with pearly®. Namely, the pill prevents the ovulation, so that no temperature increase occurs. The bleeding in the 7-days intake break has nothing to do with your cycle. • The first bleeding after stopping the pill is no real menstruation, but a withdrawal bleeding, same as in the 7-days pill break. In most women the first "real" menstruation occurs approx. 4-8 weeks after stopping the pill. • In case of irregular work time the alarm setting and the temperature reading time limit is directed towards the real...

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Development, manufacturer, world-wide distribution and Germany of the fertility computers: BABY-COMP®, LADY-COMP® and pearly' VE Valley Electronics GmbH Quality Management Voluntas participation in regular Quality Management Medical Device

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