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Instructions: The intelligent fertility computer.

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The intelligent fertility computer.

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Congratulations on choosing Lady-Comp, your own personal family planning computer. With more than 25 years of experience in women’s fertility monitoring, you can rest assured that Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp baby offer you complete confi­ dence in your family planning goals. Please read these instructions carefully and follow the easy steps. You will find everything that you need to know about your device in the table of contents or in the alphabetical index. We wish you a successful start to your confident life ahead. Temperature sensor S ensor housing with cable Temperature sensor holder...

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Open device Insert batteries Close device Home screen display Sample values Main menus Alarm on/off Activate "M"/Edit"M" Past menstruation data 1 U 1 6* Take your temperature 03 Measuring every morning 13 Temperature reading time period 14 06 Past and future fertility display/prediction 16 06 When not to take your temperature 17 07 Cancel temperature measurement 17 09 Lady-Comp baby display 19 10 Enter sexual intercourse 19 11 Conception date & birth date 21 11 Restart after pregnancy 21 S9. Fertility A planning statistics 12 Planning statistics (only Lady-Comp baby) 23 Body Mass Index...

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2. Getting started Insert batteries Batteries must be inserted before operating the device. 2 AAA rechargeable batteries are included. Commercial AAA batteries (1.5 V) can also be used. The included 2 batteries (type AAA) must be recharged for 12 hours before inserting. The serial number of the device is inside the battery box. Operating the control key Home screen display Select menu by using the control keys, left, right, up, down The time, date, and year is already factory set, when you receive the fertility computer. Control button / On switch forward/back left/right Press the control...

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3. Time/Date Main menus for the Lady-Comp models and their symbols The different menu levels of the Lady-Comp models. Time / Date Alarm Temperature Set the time Fertility calendar Lady-Comp basic Lady-Comp baby Pregnancy planning Fertility & planning statistics “Return” illuminated Press key

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“Return” illuminated Press key If the device has already saved one or more temperature measurements, it is only possible to reverse the date setting by one day. If the date is reversed, no temperature measurement can be made the following day. You can always advance the date by one day. The date cannot be changed accidentally. The date may also be adjusted when traveling in different time zones. Do not take your temperature on the day of travel. If the alarm is on, it is shown on the home screen. “Return” illuminated Press key “Return” illuminated Prior to the first temperature measurement,...

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6. Take your Temperature Important: Only the first “M” day has to be activated for each cycle when entering “M” data retrospectively. The device automatically stores three “M” days. Start with the input of the furthest menstruation back in time. “Return” illuminated Select date Past menstruation data If you have records of past menstruations, you can enter this data into the device prior to the first temperature measurement. Activate “M” as described above. If you have not taken a temperature for an extended time and had your period during that time, you can enter it retrospectively. Please...

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Tips for taking your temperature Lady-Comp wakes you up with the alarm. Press the key to turn the alarm off. To take your temperature, press the key again. The “thermom­ eter” symbol is blinking; Lady-Comp is ready to take your temperature. – Now place the sensor under your tongue and close your mouth. – t will take about 60 seconds to take your temperature. If no temperature I can be taken after 3 minutes the process is automatically terminated. – The display will show temperature reading values between 34.5 to 41.0 degrees Celsius or 94.20 to 105.00 degrees Fahrenheit. – If your...

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Fertility indicators “Yellow” illuminated = learning phase The device displays your temperature and your fertility for the day; this data is valid for 24 hours, and accurate from the very first day. The number of “green” days increases cautiously and systematically, while the “red” days are narrowed down. The Pearl Index is calculated as 0.7 (99.3%) “Red” “Yellow” “Green” blinking = probable pregnancy When not to take your temperature If your temperature value is above 37.8 °C or 99.9 °F, the temperature display alternates with the letter “F” for fever. Fever is recorded, however, the fever...

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Since the introduction of Baby-Comp in 1986, we have assisted countless couples in planning a child. Lady-Comp baby shows you the best time to get pregnant. The calendar displays your past and future fertility pattern. You can view your menstruation forecast for the next 6 months. “SI” enter sexual intercourse “Return” illuminated “Return” illuminated Press key “Return” Browse month Select date If you are planning a pregnancy, tell Lady-Comp baby when sexual intercourse “SI” took place. – nter “SI” the following morning after you E take your temperature. – t is possible to enter “SI”...

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Gender prediction Pregnancy display “Return” illuminated Press key “Red”, “Yellow”, “Green” blink alternately = possible pregnancy “Red”, “Yellow”, “Green” blink = probable pregnancy “Red”, “Yellow”, “Green” illuminated constantly = pregnant If you wish to conceive a boy, only have intercourse on the two days when only the “boy” symbol is shown. If you wish to conceive a girl, only have intercourse on the two days when only the “girl” symbol is shown. The first “boy” symbol lights up two days before the optimum conception day. The “girl” symbol lights up one day after the optimum conception...

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