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Fishmouth Plus VMC - A395
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Catalogue excerpts

For over 25 years, Vaniman has established a tradition of Quality, Service, and Innovation for all the products it manufactures for the Dental Industry. Starting with the original AccumulatorTM. Pre Filter , Vaniman’s complete line of General and Specialty Dust Collectors, Micro Abrasive Blasters, Air Purification, and Electronic Waxing products, provide our customers quality the industry has come to expect. Our Service department provides direct customer/technician interaction that streamlines technical assistance, as well as offers suggestions for properly configuring a product to achieve optimal...

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Specialty Dust Collector • Six Workstation Operation • New “Ultra-Quiet” Brushless Motor (59 Decibles on HIGH) • Variable Speed Control • HEPA Cartridge Filtration • Push Button “Air-Pulse” Filter Maintenance System • Large Dust Collection Tray • 2 1/2”, 3” & 4” Plumbing Options • 2 Year Warranty V-SIX 10280 Quiet enough to be placed in the lab. Powerful enough to be placed remotely. Ideal for labs producing large quantities of stone & abrasive dust. Consult Vaniman engineers for design, layout, and installation assistance! Available in 100, 220, 230, 240 Volts @ 50/60Hz

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3 General Purpose Dust Collectors VANGUARD All Vanguard units feature: • High speed turbine technology producing high suction • Whisper quiet operation at 55 decibels • Low maintenance design • Unique AccumulatorTM Pre-Filter captures 95% of all dust • Additional filtration options • 1 year warranty VANGUARD 1X • Single Station, single speed Single station 10310 (A) With AccumulatorTM 10311 (B) VANGUARD Gold 2X • One or two station, multi-speed • High suction for heavy duty use Single station 10320 (A) Single station with AccumulatorTM 10321 (B) Two station with AccumulatorTM 10322 (C) VANGUARD...

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4 Specialty Dust Collectors StoneVac II The most versatile dust collector in the industry... • Specifically designed for Die Stone, Micro-abrasive Blasters, Porcelain and all other Dry Material • Brushless Motor option available • HEPA cartridge filtration • Ultra quiet design • Optional AccumulatorTM* • Optional AutoPilot Controller (Plus only) • Optional Air AutoPilot for air handpiece use** (Plus only) • Optional remote switch control • 1 year warranty HEPA Filtration Captures 99.97% of Dust at 0.3 Microns Exclusive “Electronic” Filter Maintenance System Extra Large Dust Tray StoneVac II 10201...

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5 Specialty Dust Collectors SandVac Specifically designed for abrasives! • Ultra powerful motor captures abrasive media and material • Whisper quiet (55 decibels) and ultra-low maintenance design • Multi-stage filtration • AccumulatorTM Pre-Filter captures 99% of all abrasive material • Dual function remote control included • Plug in your micro-abrasive blaster and control both with one easy step • 2 year warranty SandVac with AccumulatorTM Pre-Filter 10211 Pre-Filtration AccumulatorTM The Vaniman AccumulatorTM Pre-Filter is designed to protect and collect. It protects technicians and equipment...

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6 Pure Breeze Air Purifier • Four stage filtration system removes dust, odors, microscopic particles, bacteria, viruses, and microbes Stage 1: Captures airborne dust and lab material Filtration Replacement 97021 • Less than half the size of competitive air cleaners Stage 2: Additional layer of dust protection • Three speed system for properly cleaning rooms from 250 to 1000 square feet • True HEPA Hospital Grade filtration - captures 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns Stage 3: Removes odors and organic vapors • Simple and economical filter replacement Stage 4: HEPA filtration removes fine airborne...

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Attachments to fit any user’s needs and accessories to enhance dust collection systems Dust Collection Accessories Bench-Front Accessories with Shields Mount temporarily or permanently at the front of a standard bench or table-top. Easily attached to any dust collection system from below. Jet Port with “Comfort Zone” arm rest system VMC-A441 Workstation attachment with bench clamp VMC-A390 Bench-Top Accessories Accessories sit on or are attached to bench-top surface. Easily attached to dust collection system from rear. Polyguard I Partially enclosed work area. VMC-A397 Polyguard II 360° enclosed...

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8 Dust Collection Accessories Splash Hood • Fluorescent light • Adjustable clear shield • Fluorescent light • Removable dust tray • Adjustable clear shield • Rugged molded plastic • Removable dust tray • Rugged molded plastic Remotes for Dust Collector Control Control a single dust collector remotely. Remote Switch Dual Remote Switch Wall or bench mounted control switch. For use with all Vaniman dust collectors except StoneVac, SandVac and AbrasiveVac For use with all Vaniman dust collectors except StoneVac, SandVac, and AbrasiveVac VMC-A455 Foot Remote Switch StoneVac Remote Switch For use with...

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9 Dust Collection Accessories Filtration Pure Breeze Filters Post Filter Post filter adds an additional level of filtration to all Vanguard 1X, 2X units. 96014 HEPA Filter Captures 99.97% of all particles larger than .3 microns. Fits Vanguard 1X, 2X units. 97016 External HEPA Filter Kit Adds HEPA filter cartridge to any Vaniman standard dust collector (except AbrasiveVac, SandVac, and StoneVac) 97017 Replacement HEPA Filter StoneVac 97001 Replacement Filter HEPA V-SIX/4X 96017 Vanguard HV 96016 Pure Breeze Four Stage Filtration System • Stage One - captures airborne dust and laboratory material...

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10 Micro-Abrasive Blasters SandStorm Expert The micro-abrasive blasting system for the laboratory professional. A high quality and economical blasting system for moderate to heavy production. Low maintenance media flow system virtually elminates wasteful down-time and lowers maintenance costs. • Extra large, “Easy Fill” tanks hold up to 4 pounds of media • Exclusive non-clogging flow design with automatic air/media purging system • “Contact-Lens” magnified viewing window reduces eye strain and improves overall viewing area • Blast proof resin cabinet is maintenance free • Two hand pieces • Includes...

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