Alegra Turbines TE-95 (BC, RM) / TE-97, TE-98 - 8 Pages

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Alegra Turbines TE-95 (BC, RM) / TE-97, TE-98
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Catalog excerpts

PEOPLE HAVE PRIORITY PEOPLE HAVE PRIORITY Restoration & Prosthetics Turbines olegra

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TRIPLE SPRAY for optimal cooling of the treatment site from all sides. OPTIMAL LED POSITION for optimal view and illumination of the treatment site. HIGH TORQUE for fast removal of tooth structure. PRECISION MANUFACTURE for vibration-free and quiet operation. SMALL TURBINE HEAD for optimal view of the treatment site. PUSH-BUTTON CHUCKING SYSTEM for simple, rapid bur changes with low actuating force. CERAMIC BALL BEARINGS for extremely quiet operation and a long service life. WATER FILTER for perfect spray function. INNOVATIVE GENERATOR SYSTEM in the Roto Quick quick coupling for use with Alegra...

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Long service life and extremely quiet operation Discover the new Alegra turbines with extremely quiet operation for daily use in your practice. Designed to meet your needs with state-of-the-art technology. Made in Austria: For your best treatment results. Long service life Ceramic ball bearings guarantee minimum wear. Particularly with optimum care and maintenance! Quiet Alegra turbines offer top quality, vibration-free, quiet operation thanks to precision manufacture. Up to the minute W&H is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company. We guarantee reliable support and outstanding service. Our recipe...

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01 Fast and precise preparation 02 Long service life W&H Augmented Reality (AR) combines the real world and the virtual world – a unique experience. The future starts now! Experience Alegra in a new dimension! Download the »W&H AR« App to your smartphone or tablet PC free of charge from Google Play (for Android) or the Apple App Store. Open the App and hold your device 50 cm from the picture. 4

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Maximum efficiency and safety during treatment The Alegra range of turbines offers high-end technology for top preparation results! Experience maximum efficiency during use combined with maximum safety: for you and your patients. Full steam ahead with the Power Blade rotor The optimized blade geometry allows higher rotor efficiency. For maximum torque and optimal power throughout preparation. Precision cooling The triple spray during treatment cools the treatment site from all sides and guarantees safety during treatment. Simple bur changing Optimum balance between easy operation of the push-button...

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Hygiene & maintenance of your turbines »The better the care, the longer the pleasure.« Regular cleaning and care of your instruments protects them against premature wear and unnecessary service costs. For every application W&H Service Oil F1 is a product of W&H research. It was developed hand in hand with the leading edge W&H drive technology. This oil gives you the security of knowing that you are providing your W&H products with the best possible lubrication. Perfect for manual lubrication W&H Service Oil F1 in the spray can cleans and lubricates your turbines to guarantee troublefree use. Maintenance...

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Optimal view and independent LED The integration of a generator in the Roto Quick quick coupling gives you a low-cost option of adding an LED turbine to your selection of Alegra turbines. The advantages for you: Flexibility in use and in hygienic preparation. Optimal view The position of the LED in the turbine head guarantees optimal view and illumination of the treatment site. LED turbine + quick coupling with generator = independent light A generator in the Roto Quick quick coupling enables the use of light turbines on the turbine hose without a power supply. Further advantages at a glance >...

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about Alegra turbines Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Additional equipment and accessories shown are not included as standard. &£ El 1ml

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