Collection brochure Restoration and Prosthetics - 40 Pages

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Collection brochure Restoration and Prosthetics
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Catalog excerpts

People have Priority Restoration and Prosthetics

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Restoration and Prosthetics Company    4 - 5 Product overview 1 for Synea Vision, Synea Fusion,    6 - 7 Alegra Turbines, Alegra Straight and contra-angle handpieces Product overview 2 for Roto Quick, Coupling with LED,    8 - 9 Air motors, Electric motors Synea Vision Turbines    10 -    11 Synea Vision 5x Ring LED+    12 -    13 Synea Vision Straight and contra-angle handpieces    14 -    15 Synea Vision Short Edition    16 -    17 Synea Fusion Turbines    18 -    19 Synea Fusion Straight and contra-angle handpieces    20 -    21 Alegra Straight and contra-angle handpieces    24 -    25

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W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos (Austria) W&H Sterilization Brusaporto (Italy) The expectations are high. We work with people. Our most important tool is experience: W&H has been manufacturing high-quality dental precision instruments since 1890. Continuous innovation ensures high quality in the field of Restoration and Prosthetics. The secret to our success: W&H has always focussed on people – regardless of whether they are partners, customers, patients or employees. It would only be natural for you now to ask us: Is that really put into practice? Why not put us to the test! People have Priority W&H at...

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PEOPLE HAVE PRIORITY PEOPLE HAVE PRIORITY Whatever happens: With W&H restoration and prosthetic instruments you are always prepared. Now at your dental supplier or at

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»One step ahead of the future.« »The new definition of price-performance ratio.« »A perfect partner when treating your patients.«

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Your advantages at a glance > Ring LED+: 5 x optic outlets for shadowless illumination > Scratch-resistant surface > Extremely powerful > Quiet > Long service life > With Roto Quick and Multiflex®* connections > Hygienic head > Ceramic ball bearings > Perfect ergonomics > Different head sizes with 5x spray > Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable Your advantages at a glance > LED+ illumination > Small heads > Optimal solution > Light and smooth > Long service life > Available with RotoQuick-, Multiflex®*-, NSK®*- or RM-connection > Hygienic head > Ceramic ball bearings > Maximum efficiency...

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»Versatile system interfaces.« »High motor power and long lifespan.« »Short and light weight

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Your advantages at a glance > Light > Flexible > Sterilizable > Free 360° instrument rotation > Continuous regulation of the spray water supply > Roto Quick non-retraction valve Roto Quick Your advantages at a glance > Use of LED without any changes at all in the dental unit > Long service life of the LED > Continuous regulation of the spray water supply > Multiflex®* non-retraction valve Coupling with LED More info on page 26 Your advantages at a glance > Short and lightweight > The LED in the air motor guarantees optimal view > Extremely powerful motor with high torque > Long lifespan Your advantages...

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Synea Vision Turbines

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Innovative. Flexible. Durable. Ultimate ground breaking technology for excellent preparation results: Discover the Synea Vision range with unique innovations such as the shadowless Ring LED+ or the special new scratch-resistant surface coating! Light and smooth Fatigue-free working with noticeably lighter turbine system. Microturbine TK-94 L with a head diameter of only 9 mm and an overall head height of 17.2 mm with 16 mm bur attached and 12 watt power. Scratch-resistant surface A special scratch-resistant coating maintains the value of the entire range. Tailor-made turbines The right head size...

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Synea Vision Turbines

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Ring LED+ Innovation, Variety, Durability. With the Synea Vision Ring LED+ TK-97 L, TK-98 L and TK-100 L turbines, we offer the world’s first sterilizable 5x Ring LED+ for a completely new way of working – without a shadow of doubt. Comfort to the power of 5! Five LEDs and five spray ports revolutionise visual comfort and ease of use. TK-97 L, TK-98 L and TK-100 L Three turbines, one advantage: top visibility and cooling. Synea Vision Ring LED+ The aim was shadowless illumination. Synea Fusion LED+ The result hits the target.

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Synea Vision Straight and contra-angle handpieces

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Ultimate Technology Precision. Elegance. Comfort. A range for all applications: W&H has developed a range of top quality instruments with the new Synea Vision line. Two high-speed head sizes are available for impressive access options. And a special coating improves aesthetics even more – whilst extending their life and preserving their value. Instruments for the future > Different head sizes with 5x spray > Perfect ergonomics and quiet operation > Scratch-resistant surface > Long service life 5x spray The 5x spray* ensures even cooling of the treatment site under all conditions. Small heads Two...

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Synea Vision Short Edition Straight and contra-angle handpieces

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The perfect balance between power and ergonomics Short and easy. The new Synea Vision Short Edition makes the treatment process considerably easier due to the reduction in weight and length. Choose from the classic range of high and slow-speeds. The perfect balance between ergonomics and power when combined with the new, ultra-short micromotor EM-12 L. Perfect balance Fit perfectly in your hand: the contra-angle handpieces of the Short Edition. Small but powerful The new micromotor EM-12 L with LED for bright as daylight illumination of the treatment area. Contra-angle handpieces for all situations...

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Synea Fusion Turbines

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Unbeatable value for money Economic. Durable. Ergonomic. Uncompromising user comfort combined with outstanding economy: Discover the benefits of the Synea Fusion range! Experience LED+ Optimum illumination, natural colour reproduction and LED positioned directly beneath the instrument head. Effective cooling of four sides Continuous cooling with Quattro Spray*. Best ergonomics Synea turbines are comfortable in the hand and have a non-slip coating. Made in AUSTRIA Reliability Top quality for a long life. * on speed-increasing model W&H Restoration and Prosthetics

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