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Catalogue excerpts

With an extra small head

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Endea NiTi contra-angle handpieces for nickel-titanium files Record treatment times with an extra small head The Endea NiTi contra-angle handpieces with their extra small heads provide even better access to the treatment area. Root canal preparation with 360° rotation is possible using both the »crown-down« and the »single-length« techniques. Whether using an electric, an air or a torque-controlled motor, the Endea NiTi contra-angle handpiece EB-75 (16:1) enables all commercially available files to reach the required speeds. The extremely small head gives the best possible access to the area of...

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Entran cordless endodontic handpiece Independence with an extra small head With the cordless Entran handpiece you have absolute freedom of movement. Five different torque levels, in combination with the »auto reverse/auto forward« modes, ensure safe treatment. The powerful, long-life Li-ion battery enables up to 30 treatments to be carried out without having to recharge. The new, extremely small head gives the best possible access to the treatment site Cordless endodontics with Entran Endea Endo Cursor contra-angle handpieces for hand files Precision and safety with illumination Use your tried...

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Technical data Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Additional equipment and accessories shown are not included as standard. Contra-angle handpieces Endea NiTi Endo NiTi Instruments with light: Instruments without light: Contra-angle handpieces Endea Endo Cursor Speed reduction ratio: Suitable inserts: Root canal instruments suitable for 360° rotation particularly nickel-titanium files, instrument shaft diameter Connection diameter: Coupling system: for motors with an ISO connection accordingto ISO 3964 (DIN 13.940) Cordless endodontics handpiece: Entran Torque levels: Recommended files Battery...

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