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Piezo tip system  By professionals for professionals
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Catalogue excerpts

1U    2U For removing subgingival and supragingival calculus in all quadrants without changing tips. Visibly long and narrow. Ideal for treatment of recall patients and for fine finishing. For fine scaling of supragingival calculus and removing plaque. For fine scaling in the supragingival Ideal for removing large region. Slightly rounded, particularly areas of calculus. narrow and short, making it an ideal cleaning instrument for interdental spaces. Tip with specially developed plastic for efficient and gentle cleaning of implants and the associated suprastructures and restorations.

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Periodontology tips For removing concretions in the subgingival region. Ideal for treatment of deep periodontal pockets. Right-/left-curved tip for periodontal debridement, recommended for maintenance treatment on medium-depth to deep pockets as well as furcations. Diamond-coated tip for cleaning the root surface. Right-/left-curved tip with diamond coating for cleaning the root surface. Diamond-coated tip for cleaning furcations and concaviti

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Endodontic tips1E    2E    3E Non-cutting instrument for    Tip for lateral thermal condensation    Removing of broken    instruments in effective rinsing activation in    of gutta-percha.    the root canal. the root canal system. 4E 5E 6E Removal of root canal fillings and root canal calcifications. Preparation of the pulp chamber.    Vibrating and removal of root canal posts.

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2R Expanding of fissures.    Diamond-coated tip for veneer preparation for clearly defined preparation margins with maximum protection of the gingiva and the neighbouring tooth. 3Rm Partially diamond-coated tip for finishing approximal mesial cavity margins. Partially diamond-coated tip for finishing approximal distal cavity margins.

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The W&H piezo tip system. Compact, organised, safe and effective. The W&H tip system has been developed in consultation with end users and specially designed for the technical requirements of W&H piezo technology. The result: a compact, organised and effective system of 22 universal and special tips, perfectly designed for the requirements of the specific applications and stages of treatment. For greater efficiency during treatment – and less risk when changing tips. Each W&H tip is supplied with a sterilisable and thermo-disinfectable tip changer to allow all tips to be changed quickly and easily. Tip...

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