Sterilization, Hygiene and Maintenance - 21 Pages

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Sterilization, Hygiene and Maintenance
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Catalogue excerpts

People have Priority Sterilization, Hygiene and Maintenance

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Sterilization, Hygiene and Maintenance Company    4 - 5 Product overview 1 for Assistina 3x3,    6 - 7 Assistina 301 plus and Assistina TWIN Product overview 2 for Lisa, Lina, Multidem    8 - 9 CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Assistina 3x3 / 3x2    Internal cleaning spray channels transmission parts /    10    -    11 External cleaning / Lubrication Assistina TWIN    Cleaning    of the spray    channels / Lubrication    12    -    13 Assistina 301 plus    Cleaning of the spray    channels / Lubrication    14    -    15 Assistina 3x3 and Lisa fast cycle    16    -    17 Lisa and Lina accessories    24    -    25 WATER...

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The stakes are high. We are working with people. Healthy development occurs when action is taken in advance. This applies for sterilization, hygiene and maintenance just as it does for W&H: after all, as a family-owned company, we have been operating with the appropriate far-sightedness for generations. The secret to our success: W&H has always focussed on people – regardless of whether they are partners, customers, patients or employees. It would only be natural for you now to ask critically: Is that really put into practice? What we suggest: Put us to the test! People have Priority W&H at a...

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»With automatic external cleaning the Assistina 3x3 is the first choice for the preparation of turbines and handpieces for the sterilization.« Your advantages at a glance > Automatic internal cleaning (gear parts and spray channels) > Automatic external cleaning (Assistina 3x3) > Perfect instrument lubrication > Short cycle time around 6 minutes > Simple operation > Optimum value for money > Validated process MR Dr. Franz Hastermann, dentist with his own practice »Now I have the certainty that my instruments can be reprocessed between treatments without additional waiting times for me or my patients....

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»Lisa is an efficient sterilizer very easy to use. It makes our daily work much more easier!« Dr. Kohlpaintner, dentist with his own practice »We find the Lina to be the ideal basic model for economical instrument preparation.« Your advantages at a glance > User interface and user-friendly menu structure > Advanced patented Eco Dry technology enables type B cycles with a reduced cycle time of 30 minutes for 2 kg of load > Able to sterilize up to 9 kg with container load > Full traceability via Wi-Fi connection and Mobile App for Real Time Remote Monitoring > Revised design with minimized gaps...

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Perfect cleaning inside and outside Clean inside, clean outside. Now you can concentrate on what is really important: your patients. The fully automatic Assistina 3x3 takes over the time-consuming process of preparing e.g. straight and contra-angle handpieces and turbines for sterilization. Internal cleaning The thorough cleaning of all transmission parts and spray channels ensures that the instrument operates correctly throughout its working life. External cleaning The removal of organic deposits before sterilization increases the safety of your patients and your practice team. Perfect lubrication...

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Assistina TWIN Oil service in record timeSimple, fast, efficient. The Assistina TWIN performs your instrument maintenance quicker than ever before. Simple First reprocessing device for dental instruments which is equipped with two process chambers that can be used alternately. Fast W&H has been able to reduce the maintenance process to a record time of just 10 seconds. Efficient Thanks to the smart process monitoring, the Assistina TWIN Care Set does not need to be replaced until after approximately 2,800 instruments. Groundbreaking technology Thorough, comprehensive oil service of gearing components...

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Maintenance at the press of a button Simple, easy to use and safe. The Assistina 301 plus maintenance process runs automatically: rotation lubrication, internal cleaning of spray channels, blow‑drying with compressed air. The instrument is perfectly cleaned after only 35 seconds. The service life of the instruments is significantly increased. Automatic rotary lubrication The oil is optimally distributed to form an even lubricating film. Dirt particles are dislodged and removed. Automatic oil dispenser The system uses exactly the right amount of oil required for optimum lubrication of the instrument....

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Sterilization in record time Cleaned, serviced, sterilized. The Assistina 3x3 cleaning process, in combination with the Lisa fast cycle, reduces the overall preparation time. You can use the instruments again after only 19 minutes. Wipe disinfection Disinfect the instruments before cleaning and servicing by wiping them. Cleaning and care The Assistina 3x3 cleans and services three instruments inside and outside in just 6 minutes. Sterilization With the Lisa fast cycle, the instruments can be removed from the sterilizer ready for use after only 13 minutes. Assistina 3x3 and Lisa fast cycle Assistina...

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Precision and perfection Fast. Easy to use. Secure traceability. The W&H Lisa sterilizer is the modern and high quality device with highest sterilization efficiency. The sterilizer features accelerated type B sterilization cycles, an intuitive user interface and a unique system for Real Time Remote Monitoring. Easy to use The Lisa touch screen with intuitive menus offers a wide range of options to meet all your needs. Full optimization of traceability Offered by the W&H Lisa Mobile App, the LisaSafe label printer and the USB drive. Performance Reduced cycle time of 30 minutes for 2 kg of load,...

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Simple and expandable. Lina is one of the range of W&H sterilizers which offers maximum safety and an excellent price-performance ratio with its type B cycles and a built-in USB data log. Type B cycles exclusively The Lina sterilizer works exclusively with type B cycles and with short ECO B cycles for smaller loads. Simple navigation All sterilization options are easily accessible with the easily operated keypad. Built-in data log The built-in data log means that sterilization cycles can be saved to a USB drive without needing cables and external boxes. Barcode label printer The LisaSafe label...

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