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Bariatric patients have special needs.

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Guarantee: Available from your distributor Baum Dacron® polyester cuffs are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material for a period of one year. Baum Inflation Bags, Bulbs & Tubing are guaranteed for five years. Hawksley & Sons |Fr|RFP| Marlborough Road Email: ORIGINATOR AND MAKER OF ACCURATE BLOOD PRESSURE APPARATUS EXCLUSIVELY Bariatric patients have special needs Baum Bariatric Inflation System

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Inflation System Bariatric patients have special needs. Often the upper arm of a bariatric patient is conical or V-shaped. This inhibits the smooth application of a standard (rectangular) blood pressure cuff because they do not conform to the conical shape of the limb. A gap at the bottom of the cuff near the elbow is a common occurrence and is a clear indication Correct cuff application on either right or left limb and even compression of the artery for Bariatric patients. The Baum Bariatric Inflation System: • Conforms Naturally to a Conical Limb. 1830 B ari atri c Infl ati on Sy stem...

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