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Golden SMM '98

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Safety Award Honored as ”Exemplary product for the Safety in Medicine“(*) in the ”Golden SMM ’98 competition“ . (*) Note: SMM = German Society for Safe Materials in Medicine e.V. – a non profit organization. Steriset Container System

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The Steriset Container System is a modern, light, aluminium sterile container system designed for (pulsing vac) steam-sterilization, storage, transport and sterile presentation of surgical instruments and linens. 50 years of market experience and the fact, that WAGNER has always remained open to new ideas and requirements which come from the hospital field, helped to create technical solutions which make Steriset a top quality system. Patent protected design characteristics address economical as well as ecological aspects of sterile supply without ever forgetting the most important...

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The ThermoLoc closure Without any doubt, sterility is broken when a sterile (sterilized) container is opened. This may turn out to become a risk if already opened containers could be merged with still sterile containers. The "state of the art", especially the new European "Medical Device Directive" (enforced since Jan 1995) does therefore require means to avoid "unrecognized opening" or means to indicate the first opening. SteriSet containers with standard closure may therefore be sealed by use of disposable plastic tamper seals which are applied manually before sterilization and destroyed...

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Steriset half-length filter container, 296 x 275 mm (L x W) Our program The wide range of SteriSet options allows individual users to define their optimal system by selecting from the different options available: half length, 3/4-length and full length types in 5 different hights, filters or valves as biobarrier, closure to be sealed by disposable locks or automatic ThemoLoc, seamless punched, unperforated bottoms or condensate drain types, color coded lids and/or handles... To complete the container line, we offer in addition the Steriset Small Set program (same design but no handles and...

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