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Catalogue excerpts


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THE HUMAN BEING AND SUNLIGHT Far back in history, sun was considered a source of life. Indeed, it was often elevated to the status of a god and people believed in the healing powers of its rays. In ancient history the sun worship of the Pharaoh Akhenaton (1350 B.C.) was very important. He built temples dedicated to the light god, Aton. These temples were very unusual for the time as they had no roof, so the sunlight could freely ll the space inside. As an example to their co-religionists, Akhenaton and his family took off their clothes to benet from the healing effects of the rays of the sun....

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basis for the treatment of certain ailments. The Greek doctor forgotten for many centuries and used these effects as the and “father” of medical science Hippocrates (born in 460 B.C.) basis for successful natural healing methods. He was had, on his many travels in Egypt, studied the sunlight treat- responsible for developing therapeutic guidelines and ideas ment that was practiced there. On his return to Greece, he that are still valid today. His motto “Water is good, air is better set up a clinic and medical school on the island of Cos thus and light is best of all” is at the core of heliotherapy....

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LIGHT FOR THERAPEUTIC PURPOSES Photo(chemo)therapy is a treatment method using ultraviolet light. During photochemotherapy, also referred to as PUVA therapy, a light-sensitizing substance is additionally administered. and optical radiation is used to bring about a therapeutically benecial result not produced by either the radiation or a drug alone. The drug may be applied topically or orally to reach the skin by blood circulation and is subsequently activated by irradiation with UVA. In practice, PUVA photochemotherapy is not only used for the treatment of psoriasis but for many other skin diseases...

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part of the UVB spectrum (between 305 and 315 nm). This Balneo phototherapy warrants a high (therapeutical) efciency on the one hand The positive experience with the treatment of psoriasis and minimum (acute and chronic) risks on the other. patients at the Dead Sea is being increasingly transferred There are mainly two types of uorescent lamps of different to clinical treatment. Brine baths, with a simultaneous or spectral distribution – the UVB narrowband and the UVB subsequent exposure to UVB narrowband irradiation, provide broadband uorescent lamp – available for the therapy of better results...

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OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF THE SKIN Knowledge of the optical properties of the skin, as described below, is indispensable for understanding the effects of optical radiation. Optically, the skin can be regarded as an inhomogeneous medium consisting of four layers: Epidermis (50 – 150 μm thick, incl. stratum basale) These layers have different refractive indices and distributions sentation of the skin layers and the depth of penetration as a of chromophores, which will bring about different reecting, transmission, and scattering characteristics depending on the wavelength. The gure above gives a schematic...

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WALDMANN – PHOTOTHERAPY CHARACTERISTICS OF OPTICAL RADIATION The spectrum of optical radiation lies between 100 nm (in the UV range) and 1 mm (in the IR range). For practical purposes, this wavelength range is subdivided into seven bands in accordance with CIE (International Commission on Illumination): Spectrum of electromagnetic radiation according to DIN 5031-7 UVC from 100 to 280 nm (short-wave UV), UVB from 280 to distinctive physical, photobiological, and photochemical features. Going from the infrared towards the ultraviolet (long-wave UV), Light (visible radiation) from 380 (400) region,...

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MEDICAL IRRADIATION LAMPS MEDICAL IRRADIATION LAMPS Waldmann UV lamps have been setting the standard for successful therapy for more than 40 years. Their economic efciency and excellent standard of quality are convincing. In clinics and physicians' ofces, UVA and UVB lamps for phototherapy demonstrate what they are capable of on a daily basis. Constant qualitative improvements result in high irradiation intensity.

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100 Watt (1 764 mm without pins) 120 Watt (2 000 mm without pins) relative radiation distribution (%) 100 Watt (1 764 mm without pins) relative radiation distribution (%) 100 Watt (1 764 mm without pins) relative radiation distribution (%) Spectral irradiation distribution: main emission 350 – 400 nm, maximum 370 nm Spectral irradiation distribution: main emission 380 – 470 nm, maximum 420 nm

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MEDICAL IRRADIATION LAMPS 100 Watt (1 764 mm without pins) relative radiation distribution (%) 100 Watt (1 764 mm without pins) relative radiation distribution (%) 100 Watt (1 764 mm without pins) 120 Watt (2 000 mm without pins) relative radiation distribution (%) Spectral irradiation distribution: main emission 280 – 350 nm, maximum 306 nm Spectral irradiation distribution: main emission 310 – 315 nm, maximum 311 nm

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FULL BODY UV THERAPY SYSTEMS Optimum therapeutic results in the treatment of dermatological disorders are achieved throughout the whole world with medical systems from Waldmann. All therapy systems are thoroughly tested in dermatological clinics and physicians' ofces. This guarantees safe, practical handling and reliable operation.

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Easy to operate UV 7002 therapy system is characterized by constant measurement and dosage adjustment and extra-long UV lamps.

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FULL BODY UV THERAPY SYSTEMS I UV7002 • UV sensor system for precise dosimetry • Dialog-controlled operation with confirmation • Programmable dosage limits • Acrylic glass covers in front of the lamps • Patient alarm • Viewing window • Grab rails ensure balance • PC control with DermaMate software package • 2-meter long lamps for homogeneous irradiation • High-gloss internal reflectors, geometrically designed for improved performance • Hard foam foot platform for improved ankle • Intelligent, temperature controlled cooling system • Closed-circuit filter system for cooling the unit • Large double-wing...

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