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Catalogue excerpts

DISABLED PERSONS CALL SYSTEM PRODUCT INFORMATION The Wandsworth Disabled Person’s Call System, for use in toilets and bathrooms fully complies with the guidelines outlined in BS8300:2009 + A1:2010 It quickly enables location of any person who is in difficulty. The system comprises of the following components and is also available as a complete ‘boxed’ kit for ease of specification and ordering. (QD350 – see over). Plates are finished in stainless steel as standard. Multiple Toilet call points can be connected to a panel located in a centrally staffed area. Within Toilet Cubicle QD322/ QD351 Ceiling Pull A white surface mounted ceiling pull unit, with a 3 mtr. amber cord. The unit contains an integral reassurance light 2.5 watt with amber lens. Unit is supplied with 2 amber ring pull units (QD351) or 1 amber acorn pull unit (QD322). Unit fits BS31 box with 50.38mm centres. *note QD351 supplied in QD350 for BS compliance. QD321 Call Unit QD324 Reset Unit An extra/alternative unit to the QD322/QD351, the unit consists of a front cover plate measuring 86mm square and containing a Large orange call button marked with a nurse call symbol. There is a red LED reassurance light above the button. Box flush: 1702/G - Box surface: 1132/W Used in conjunction with call unit (QD321) or ceiling pull (QD322/QD351). Front plate 146mm x 86mm containing: Reset push with integral reassurance light 1.1 watt with amber lens. PCB components wired to terminal block. Box flush: 1703/G - Box surface: 1133/W QD351 QD322

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Outside Toilet Facility QD331 Single Overdoor Lamp Usually mounted above the toilet door, this unit comprises a front cover plate 86mm square containing: One 2.8watt MES lamp. (Lenses QD337, are to be ordered separately; see below for details). Component wired to terminal block. Box flush: 1702/G - Box surface: 1132/W QD332 Supplied as part of the QD350 complete system, the front cover plate measures 146mm x 86mm and Overdoor contains: One 2.8watt MES lamp. (Lenses QD337, are to be ordered separately; see below for details). Lamp/ One mini bleep-tone generator. Component wired to Tone terminal...

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Recommended List Of Spares In order to maintain your system in full operational order, it is recommended that the following spares items are ordered: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - XR300 1.1 Watt Bulb (Reset Unit) XR460 24 Volt 2.8 Watt MES Bulb (Overdoor Lamp Unit) XR454 Bleeptone Buzzer (Lamp Buzzer Unit) X75723 PCB (Reset Unit) XR297 Push Lamp (Reset Unit) Lens Only XR299/A Push Lamp (Reset Unit) XR595 24 Volt 2.5 Watt MES Bulb (Ceiling Pull Unit) XR437 2A Fuse XR385 500 mA Anti Surge Fuse Typical Installation Wiring Diagram for Disabled Persons Call System QD351 Ceiling Pull C + N0 - S PR L - QD153 Power...

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