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Healthcare Communication Systems:
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Catalogue excerpts

Flexible systems for the hospital environment

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Total health care solutions Flexibility is a key watchword in today’s nursing Bedhead Containment Systems environment, and this is represented in the Our range of containment systems for nurse call and range of systems from Wandsworth that can other services at the bedhead include; trunking be tailored to meet specic requirements. systems and medical service columns. These systems The range includes personal attack alarms, offer practical and stylish methods of providing paging systems, medical products and patient essential services such as nurse call cabling, lighting TV/Telephone entertainment...

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Digital call system The system is controlled from the Nurse Station Unit The Wandsworth nurse call system is designed to cater (NSU) which displays the type of call – standard patient, for exible nursing through the use of a transfer facility. bathroom, emergency (staff to staff) and cardiac (staff The transfer facility allows all or some of a ward’s calls to staff) – and the location. A speech handset can be to be transferred to an adjacent ward nurse station. provided for direct communication between nurse and patient, and staff to staff, and a series of sounders and lights further identify...

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Key features Nurse station unit Drug Cupboard Text Display (LCD) All call indicator Indicates when a drug cupboard Shows up to 40 characters per line Indicates when any alarm or door is open. on two lines of text.Top line shows call is active at the NSU. call type, location and total Flashes if cardiac or emergency Intruder number. Bottom line shows staff call is registered. Indicates when the intruder alarm presence details, transfer, speech has been raised. and system prompts. Use scroll buttons to scroll through calls. Transferred call Reverts to showing highest priority Indicates when a call...

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Nurse call handset communication with staff at the nurse station unit or staff speech unit Channel selection control buttons Bedlight control button This communicates calls and staff address. There are unique sounds for each call/alarm type Also used This will mute the microphone while a speech channel is open Enables staff to dial directly to the This indicates when a speech channel is open or a staff address This is used to make staff address, or to talk to patients Confirms the call has been made, offering reassurance to patients. Orange nurse call button Permanently backlit to aid location Radio/TV...

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Flexibility for the modern hospital environment The Digital Call System offers the ultimate in exibility, Patient Call and is designed to provide hospitals with a modern, Patient comfort and peace of mind aid speedy easy to use communication system. recovery. With the Digital Call System, patients are reassured by having the ability to communicate their Emergency Call precise needs, quickly and easily. Clear communication is vital in a hospital. The Wandsworth digital nurse call system gives the type The lightweight, telephone-style handset is simple to and location of every call, and automatically...

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Wireless nursecall Using the very latest in radio frequency technology, the SafeCall wireless nurse call system offers a simple solution for providing nurse call services during refurbishment or as a back-up when main systems fail or are being maintained. Nurse Call Transmitter Simple to install and use, the SafeCall system consists control unit, where the location and priority of the call of a nurse station unit and individual battery-operated are displayed. Calls are automatically upgraded to the transmitters which rest in wall-mounted brackets. next priority call level if unanswered for over...

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Providing services The Wandsworth trunking and medical service columns are an attractive and practical way to run gas pipes and cables around wards. It can also incorporate the Wandsworth Digital Call System for total integration of hospital patient services For the trunking, the body and covers are made from extruded aluminium with a hardwearing creamy white semi-gloss finish. Internally, aluminium barriers divide the services, enabling easy installation and maintenance. Slimmer sections can be used for vertical or horizontal runs. The Medical Service Columns (MSCs) have been designed for today's...

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Trunking and service columns Available to suit your needs: Standard Trunking Integrated Up/Down Lighting Medical Service Columns are available with a range of options: 9 standard extensions to suit different ceiling heights Range of service configurations An ultra slim version of the MSC is also available where space is at a premium. Ultra slim

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system designed with Slim runs: Space-saving sections for vertical and horizontal runs of medical gases. Up to four Bedside lamp: maximum benefit. Mains power supply. The trunking can also be fitted with either American standard NEMA style or Franco-German standard VDE style power supply as required

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Reassurance Light: Flashes when cardiac Slim Trunking Services Trunking The Wandsworth QDT600 range is a new style of aluminium trunking designed to carry medical gas pipes and cabling around hospital wards. No visible fixing screws and a curved profile give the trunking a smooth, sleek appearance. Medical gas pipes and cabling are contained within the same profile and are segregated internally for ease The body and covers of the trunking are made from extruded aluminium with a hard-wearing creamy white semi-gloss finish. Other finishes are available to special order. Slim sections for vertical...

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Make the most of trunking Integrated Lighting The trunking system can contribute to the ward Using the latest lamp and control gear technology, lighting scheme with the integrated lighting version. the high output, energy saving T5 uorescent tubes give a icker-free start and optimum performance. An integral uplighter can provide wall wash lighting, The distribution of light is controlled by the optical while the downlighter provides a reading light for design to reduce glare for other patients and staff. patients and a low wattage light for night observation. The uplighter can be tted with either...

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