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IPiN Mobile - IPiN Nursecall on your mobile phone

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IPiN Mobile - IPiN Nursecall on your mobile phone System components IPiN Smart Display IPiN Smart Display is an app which is installed on Android mobile phones. Using a WiFi network; Smart Display provides a remote call display list mimicking that of the IPiN Nursecall station. Comprised of IPiN Smart Server and IPiN Smart Display modules, IPiN Mobile offers an integrated, easy to use and portable means for hospital staff to transfer and receive calls. IPiN Mobile displays the IPiN Nursecall screen on Android mobile phones, providing IPiN Nursecall functionality on the move, enabling quick and efficient reaction to calls. IPiN Smart Server IPiN Smart Server is a website system designed to allow users to manage hospital patient calls. Using Smart Server an administrator can set up calls to send directly to allocated staff via standard Android mobile phones. The system has two distinct allocation features: • Each phone is unique and can receive selective calls. User Management: • Calls ar displayed in colour and by priority • You can register individual users on the system and assign them to one or more wards. • Phone displays the location of call, plus sounds an audio alert Working in conjunction with IPiN Smart Server, IPiN Smart Display is an easy to use mobile phone app which enables hospital staff to receive the calls which are relevant to them as allocated by the administrator via the IPiN Smart Server. • Users must be activated by their senior nurse or manager before they can receive calls. Together IPiN Smart Server and IPiN Smart Display provide hospitals with a cost effective, easy to use and portable means of transferring and receiving calls to the relevant hospital staff who can act quickly and efficiently to ensure patient safety and wellbeing. IPiN Smart Server is a web application which runs on a windows based 64 bit servr running IIS, providing easy to use browser based management of the system on the local hospital network. Using Smart Servers Intuitive screens and options, users can easily configure the system to suit their hospitals requirements; alternatively, upon request, the system can be pre-configured by Wandsworth Group. Additional to the configuration options, an easily identifiable, colour coded overview of all ward calls is provided for senior nurses or management users. For additional security, senior managers or hospital management who use the system all have individual login accounts. Display and functionality are immediately available at login, allowing staff to see and react to patient requirements without delay. Following the colour coding and icon style used on the Nursecall station, users can quickly & easily identify and react appropriately to different call types. New calls are instantly identifiable by an audible (or vibration) alert so that the user is notified immediately (standard HTM approved tones used). As a safety feature, if the phone display goes into its power saving sleep mode , the app will continue to run in the background and will continue to send audible or vibration notifications as new calls arrive. Operating environment • The Smart Display Android app runs on a mobile phone running version 2.3 or later of the Android Operating System, with the “stock” Android browser installed. • Smart Display connects to the main IPiN system using a Wi-Fi network. • Smart Display collects the data to be displayed from the IPiN Smart Server. This PC needs to run Microsoft SQL and IIS, so a server grade machine running Windows 2008 R2 Server OS. Call allocation Grid • Individual users are allocated calls for particular locations. Call Allocation: • An Allocation grid enables senior nurses or managers to assign Call Plans to individual nurses for particular beds. System features • Call Plans (i.e. a group of calls) can be pre-set as Patient, Emergency and Maintenance. • Easy to use website interface for the configuration of call and user allocation plans • Call allocations can be at ward level or bed level • Allocation plans can be easily and quickly changed at anytime • Allocations can be changed at anytime without affecting the operation of the call system. • Delivers to a standard Android mobile phone over a Wi-Fi network • Enables individual staff, via a mobile phone, to receive calls only relevant to them For more information Tel: 01483 713400 Email: info@wandsworthgroup.com www.www.wandsworthhealthcare.com Calling on your every need

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