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IPiN Nursecall
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Catalog excerpts

The only full IP nurse call system IPiN, the latest development in nurse call and communications technology from The Wandsworth Group provides a full IP based system from source to bed level, ensuring fast response to patient’s needs and flexibility to hospital and staff. IPiN conforms fully to the latest Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM). Many people do not appreciate that the requirements of modern nurse call systems reach far beyond the basics of calling a nurse for help, or even simple voice communication between the patient and the nurse. Nurse call systems today already serve as information,...

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IPiN has been chosen for major projects above other, traditional systems because it is the most technologically advanced system on the market! Protocol compliance Reduced cost of ownership IPiN uses TCP/IP, a well established network communications protocol to communicate. By using this protocol it enables easy integration of 3rd party TCP/IP hardware and software as well as offering limitless expansion possibilities. An IPiN system can be easily upgraded to add further IP devices or add further services and enhancements. IP Networked nurse call can also keep costs down through its scalability,...

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Integration Examples of how IPiN can be integrated with other data and communications systems include: Voice over IP (VoIP) The IPiN network supports the deployment of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) at every bedhead position to provide a costeffective communications medium and can be integrated with hospital VoIP phone system. Patient Entertainment & IPTV The IPiN network can deliver multimedia facilities to the bedhead. Door Access & Security IPiN nurse call can be integrated with CCTV and door access systems to provide a seamless security access system for secure and sensitive area’s of the...

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In addition to utilising the most commonly used protocol in the world (TCP/IP), IPiN offers the following: Paging, Personal Security & DECT telephony integration Working with our partners, the IPiN nurse call system can be integrated with DECT telephony and paging/personal security, providing nursing staff with one easy to carry and easy to use handset for all functions – keeping them in touch with their patients whilst they are on the move! IPiN Smart Mobile Comprised of IPiN Smart Server and IPiN Smart display modules, IPiN Mobile offers an integrated, easy to use and portable means for hospital...

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Nurse station/staff unit Designed for quick, clear and concise identification of calls, and administration of the system, the panel consists of an 8.4inch full colour touch screen LCD. Incorporating audible indication of call priority and with built in hands-free speech facility for staff to patient and staff to staff communication. Calls are displayed in the following priority: Cardiac Calls Emergency Calls Bathroom Calls Patient Call Faults Staff Presence Call Display Area Icon shows priority of call and text shows location. The display will always show the highest priority calls, but other...

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Ask about our after sales service packages: T 01483 713400 / 740740 E service@wandsworthgroup.com Patient handset This unit with easy grip sides has continuous patient to nurse call monitoring. With a wipe clean membrane it is designed for easy maintenance by hospital engineering staff with quick cable replacement. Reassurance LED Confirms the call has been made, offering reassurance to patients Speaker For nurse to patient speech Nurse Call Button Permanently backlit to aid location at night Bedlight Key Allows control of bedlights Standby Button Selects standby for entertainment system Programme...

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IPiN features and benefits tomorrow’s technology – today! • Remote Management • Curved, low profile design a managed system, IPiN can be monitored by the maintenance As department, or remotely via an ADSL link and firewall enabling Fault indication, rectification and system configuration changes. panel-mounted accessories have been designed to be low profile All and infection control friendly, ensuring that dust and dirt traps are kept to an absolute minimum. • Function ‘legends’ included on switch surround Patient handset, with removable and replaceable handset cable for ease of, and low cost...

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IPiN Component parts Bedhead Units 10 IP501 Bedhead unit speech & entertainment 10 IP502 Bedhead unit speech, entertainment & cardiac 16 IP540 Staff Presence unit 17 IP547 Single overdoor indicator plate 11 IP504 Bedhead unit + cardiac 17 IP548 Twin overdoor indicator plate Patient Handsets Page 12 IP510 Patient call, bedlight & entertainment controls 12 IP511 Patient call, bedlight & entertainment controls and patient to nurse speech facility 17 IP549 Indicator/Sounder plate 17 IP550 LED indicator + lens 17 IP5554 Sounder unit 17 IP559 Remote IO & Sounder driver unit 18 IP590 Reset/Cardiac unit 12...

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Bedhead Units A comprehensive range of units offering entertainment, speech & call facilities. IP501 Bedhead Unit Entertainment Consisting of a plate 324mm Wide x 174mm High and containing separate compartments for low voltage and extra low voltage with dividing fillet. o ne nurse call handset parking bracket O Right hand panel contains the following: o ne Grey reset switch with the surround printed “RESET”, O with integral amber reassurance LED o ne Red emergency pull-push switch with the knob printed O ‘EMERGENCY PULL’ with integral red reassurance LED o ne socket for nurse call handset O Left...

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IP503 Bedhead Unit Consisting of a plate 324mm Wide x 174mm High and containing separate compartments for low voltage and extra low voltage with dividing fillet. o One nurse call handset parking bracket Right hand panel contains the following: o ne Grey reset switch with the surround printed “RESET”, O with integral amber reassurance LED o One Red emergency pull-push switch with the knob printed ‘EMERGENCY PULL’ with integral red reassurance LED o One socket for nurse call handset o connectors for network & ancillary item wiring. IDC Left hand panel contains: o 2.2uF capacitor for dimming a 60watt...

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