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Patient Entertainment and Bedside Computing System

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Patient Entertainment Computing System / TFT touch screen offering

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The Wandsworth Group, established in 1904, has 55 year's experience of designing solutions for hospital beds, such as nurse call, patient entertainment and communication ^y^teimJheTele-Call system has evolved from analogue technologies tolfiepmseotfujly IP solution and is used Tele-Call is a patented, advanced patient entertainment systerTTthatisdesJgned to provide hospital staff with computing facilities at each hospital bed. The fully IP^oMton-- provides a touch screen PC at each bedside, providing patients with digital TV and radio, telephony, internet access and interactive movies. The...

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System Description The system comprises central head-end and bedside equipment and application software. The head-end equipment comprises application and content servers and appliances to manage the streaming of TV, radio and videoon-demand as IP packets over the hospital LAN. Wandsworth provides application software for the provision and management of the patient entertainment services, including payment software. At the hospital bedside, a swivel arm is wall-mounted above each bed supporting a 17" touch screen terminal with an integral, fanless motherboard and optional telephone handset....

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required. These include a telephone handset, a choice WIFI enablement, barcode magswipe card reader. Such peripheral devices allow the terminal to be used for a range of hospital applications, either minimum life. The Achilles heel of any PC, apart from the fan, is its hard drive. TheTele-Call terminal allows secure yet easy external access to the hard drive either for maintenance purposes or for major software upgrades. A product data sheet is available for the Tele-Call TC200 series of touch screen terminals. The purpose of the swivel arm is to position the touch screen to enabie patients...

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Head-End Equipment Wandsworth provides a head-end design service for each hospital. The Tele-Call head-end equipment comprises: 1. IPTV Receivers 2. Content Servers 3. Application Servers 1. IPTV Receivers A range of receivers is available to convert all types of TV transmissions into MPEG2 IP packets for transmission over the hospital LAN. These include: ■ igital to IP Converters for use with unencrypted digital D free-to-view transmissions, connecting directly to RF antenna or satellite dish ■ ncoders for use with encrypted satellite or cable E transmissions, connecting to the video...

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TC200 Series, Telecall Terminal Hardware Specification There are currently five variants in the TC200 range, all of which are built around the same screen and case, with the main differences being the speed of the processor and the amount of memory installed on the (common) internal motherboard. One key design principle of the terminal is that it should be easily cleaned and therefore minimise the risk of harbouring germs which pose an infection control problem. In addition to the base terminal, a number of “add-on” peripherals are available, most of which are used to customise the terminal...

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Headphone Socket bottom of front bezel Internal speakers muted on headset insertion Microphone Socket bottom of front bezel ■ 3.5mm jack socket (Line In) - mounted, rear 10 panel Phone Handset ■ RJ11 socket- mounted, LHS undercover ■ USB-A socket - mounted, LHS under handset cover Smart Card Reader ■ Mounted underside of terminal ■ Supporting credit card Chip & Pin - mounted, rearlO panel ■ IrDA keyboard compatible ■ IR receiver window in front ■ Connect to Serial port 2 remote controller ■ This is used as the remote controller Front Panel Controls ■ Membrane keyboard integrated on ■ front...

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Wandsworth Group Limited Albert Drive Sheerwater Woking Surrey GU21 5SE Email: Web:

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