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Endohigh GTA-Detergent - 2 Pages

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Endohigh GTA-Detergent
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Catalogue excerpts

Specialists in endoscope reprocessing for more than 30 years! + Safety first Fully tested detergent and disinfectant with excellent efficacy, according to ISO 15883. + Brilliant combination Specially designed for use in combination with WASSENBURG® Endoscope washer-disinfectors.

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PROVEN PROCESS EndoHigh® GTA has been specially developed for high level disinfection of endoscopes reprocessed in the WASSENBURG® WD440 and WASSENBURG® WD440 PT (pass through) Endoscope washer-disinfectors. EndoHigh® GTA complies with the requirements for disinfecting flexible endoscopes according to ISO 15883-4. The automated reprocessing process with EndoHigh® Detergent and EndoHigh® GTA meets the requirements of ISO 15883-4 regarding > 9 log microbiological reduction for the complete process. ENDOHIGH® GTA SPECIFICATIONS Active ingredient Glutaral 10.5% Dosing concentration 1.0% Efficacy claim...

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