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Wassenburg Medical - "Endoscope reprocessing at the highest level!"

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Wassenburg stands for endoscope reprocessing at the highest level!

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wa;o-i,b!/n Endoscope reprocessing Endoscopes are delicate instruments. Their sophisticated construction demands an equally sophisticated washing and disinfection process. Safe treatment of the next patient depends on intensive reprocessing and, if necessary, controlled drying. As well as optimum washing and disinfection, monitoring the full logistic routing of the endoscope (the path from patient to patient) is essential for management reporting and the complete registration of your processes. W c a a .^1    , il'V'p 1 pi A ;;.(,,    ! Safety, Quality, Care and Respect Wassenburg has a...

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Head office and factory, Dodewaard (NL) Head office APAC and factory, Hanoi (VN) Belgian office, Aartselaar (BE) UK office, Sheffield (UK) Irish office, Dublin (IE) French office, La Seyne Sur Mer (FR)

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Meet our passionate teams around the world Wassenburg branches From our modern offices in Dodewaard (the Netherlands), Sheffield (United Kingdom), Dublin (Ireland), Aartselaar (Belgium) and La Seyne Sur Mer (France) we are able to support our customers directly. Meet our teams! Global network > Wassenburg Medical B.V. is part of the Hoya Group. Hoya is a global med-tech company established in Tokyo, Japan, and the leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech products based on its advanced optics technologies. Hoya employs approximately 34,000 people in over 30 countries. See...

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Mr Gerrit Wassenburg, founder of Wassenburg Specialists in endoscope reprocessing for more than 30 years

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More than 30 years specialist in endoscope reprocessing

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1984 – Ahead of our time In the past, flexible endoscopes were washed and disinfected in uncontrolled conditions. The benefits for both the patient and the health care professional of a controlled process are substantial. This is the vision with which Wassenburg Medical B.V. was established in 1984. Since then the family company has developed into a highly qualified and leading manufacturer of endoscope reprocessing solutions, and has grown into an international company, as part of the Hoya Group.

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Great products start with brilliant ideas The present – Wassenburg gets greener! We believe in the progression green – greener – greenest. We are preparing the endoscopy world for the future by taking responsibility for, and care of, the environment. This shows in our latest projects as well as in the day to day running of our business.

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WASSENBURG® WD440 Endoscope Washer-Disinfector Because we believe in our technology

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WD440: 100 percent passion for technology Our challenge: the endoscope The complex construction of the endoscope and the use of thermolabile materials, makes it a delicate instrument. This is why its reprocessing requires the highest quality care! Know the endoscope in order to know how to clean it! Connecting and monitoring the channels individually From the very first WD440 series, we were convinced that connecting the internal endoscope channels to the system individually was the only way to ensure an optimum process. Strong basic principle, now part of the standards Channel separation...

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White: cycle in progress WASSENBURG® WD440 PT Endoscope Washer-Disinfector Green: cycle successfully completed Control your endoscope logistics Off: ready for the next endoscope

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WD440 PT: pass through solution World-beating technology! The WD440 PT pass through endoscope washer disinfector has the proven Wassenburg technology inside! All WASSENBURG® endoscope washer-disinfectors feature the innovative IMS system for the independent measurement and monitoring of the critical process parameters in accordance with the ISO 15883 standard. Reliable technology; a logical choice! Optimum logistics The revolutionary construction of the pass-through model makes it possible to build the machine into a wall, providing physical separation of clean and contaminated areas. High...

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WASSENBURG® Drying Series drying and storage cabinet Safe and controlled storage

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DRY series: optimum care for your endoscopes Reliable and safe storage Loading your delicate endoscopes in a drying and conditioning cabinet ensures safe and monitored storage as well as prevention of bacterial growth. The system is a key element of the state-of-the-art endoscope reprocessing unit. Because you care about the quality of your instruments! Up to 10 endoscopes! Enough space to dry, condition and store up to 10 flexible endoscopes, with easy access to each endoscope in its own storage position. Easy, safe and monitored storage of your endoscopes! Excellent internal and external...

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WASSENBURG® PROCESS MANAGER traceability and process monitoring 44    :e the w    & disinfection an j

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Accurate tracking & tracing Instant easy access to your digital process data provides total traceability of your endoscopes and patients. Use the advanced filters to customize your search or to export data for further analysis in third party software. R !|'    ! tl' 1    & tl'    i ' hi, i 'ii I Il yin ! Endoscope and user management Manage access to machines and endoscopes with Process Manager. The statistical information can help you run an efficient department. Whether you require advice on capacity or assistance with calculations on endoscope usage, Process Manager helps! Fantastic...

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WASSENBURG® detergents & disinfectants Extremely fast low odour cycle

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High level reprocessing with high level products Fast cycle: as short as 24 minutes With the WASSENBURG® detergents and disinfectants endoscopes are rapidly reprocessed to give high availability of the instruments. Super fast cycle Our PAA The peracetic acid-based product combination is specially designed and fully tested for use in the WASSENBURG® WD440 and WASSENBURG® WD440 PT. With a minimum amount of active PAA, the low odour is really making a difference for the operator. Our GTA Our glutaraldehyde-based product combination has been extensively tested in combination with the...

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