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Catalogue excerpts

AquaSports equipment Manufacturer Water Rider 4S outperformed ! BENEFITS • Hydraulic resistance • Adjustable intensity • Great steadiness • Extremely smooth pedaling Occasional Use INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY • 4 speed aquapalm system : Adjustable hydraulic resistance with directional blades to personalize your work-out for a better aqua-training exercise intensity. • Sportive design of the frame to work the 7 muscular groups woth more than 30 positions and possible exercices. • A 3 second water evacuation time thanks to a revolutionary perforation system. • Exellent stability and compact dimensions for easy storage. Profondeur d’eau 3 years for all metal parts 6 months for other spare parts • New ergonomic pedals «Aquaspeed 2». Improved ergonomy for a better resistance. While cycling to be used barefoot for greater comfort. No shoes required. • Sport handlebar with markings on the frame and new angle to offer 3 training positions. • Saddle and handlebar adjustable both un height and depth, for all sizes. • new Design.

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An original design: style + color. New ergonomic pedals. Barefoot use. Ergonomic saddle, adjustable in depth and height, with a training bar as option. 4 speed adjustable hydraulic resistance : directional blades, to adjust the difficulty of the work out and personalize the training from a seated position. Fast drainage with perforated frame: water is evacuated in 3 seconds!

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COMPARATIF AVANT / APRÈS HANDLEBAR : adjustable in depth and height. New design to offer 3 training positions. TUBE SEAT & HANDLE BAR : Marking on the frame to facilitate settings. SADDLE : Adjustable in depth and height, with a training bar as option. PEDALS : New ergonomic pedals «Aquaspeed 2» to be used barefoot for a grater comfort. ABS COVER : New cover to protect the mechanism, more resistant. HYDRAULIC RESISTANCE : New system «Aquapalm 2» and 4 adjustables speed to modulate exercice intensity. EXPRESS DRAINING : Perforated frame for express draining with a 3 seconds evacuation water. •...

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